Re: Collaborations


Zeepolian Wrote: Considering how (relatively) new collaborations are and how they're premium only, I suspect it'll be a while before we start to see any--at least any that don't get washed away in the update deluge.

I'm sure once some of the big names on the site start testing the feature out, it'll catch on more. Or with holidays people might try to do collab events for collections and things, but honestly, I think it'll be a bit before we really start seeing collabs happen on the reg.
There's no real reason collaborations would have to happen here using premium features.

My most successful collaborations to date have been a game if Microscope and some online roleplays (no system or dice, just cooperative pretend play).  Collabs that result in a finished story are quite a bit rarer - it's always difficult for two creative people to come to an agreement about what they want to create.