Okay, let's get this over with! :D

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the site, having just looked into it a few months ago.  It seems like the place to go for fiction that leans towards fantasy and otherworldly stuff, which is cool.  Not to mention that the quality and organization here, even from just my limited time on this site, is leagues better than that other site (starts with a 'w' and ends with a 'f-this').  

I'm still in that adjustment period trying to figure out what everything does - I'm very impressed by the features and straight forward interface so far.  I joined less than a month ago and I'm just introducing myself now, as there is quite a lot of information here.

While I've been writing consistently most of my life, I understand that not everything I've learned and picked up so far may not be applicable here or to the readership on the site, but I wanted to give it at try anyway.  There is always something new to learn and varying experience is usually good for growth.

I did post a story here three weeks ago and I'm not 100% sure where I'm going with it, but I wanted it to be a generally fun, relaxing read without anything too deep or dark.  I write as a stress-reliever, as well as a hobby, so while I love it, I try not to take it too seriously.  I figure if you read it and can momentarily escape and be happy, then mission accomplished.  

Outside of writing, I enjoy watching action-comedies (when I have time), amateur photography (also when I have time), and trying restaurants and dessert places (which I will make time for).  

Hope you all have an amazing day!

Re: Okay, let's get this over with! :D

Welcome to Royal Road. Love your attitude about writing. It's meant to be fun so it shouldn't stress you out. If you want to learn more about the site, check out Cinn's beginner's guide https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/111469. Lot of good information there. Also being active in the Forums and commenting on stories you read are great ways to interact with the community.

Hope you continue to enjoy Royal Road and that many people can momentarily escape everyday cares through your work. Good luck.