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Re: Ringdom?


Thedude3445 Wrote: It's a scam. They mass PM authors across the internet, trying to get them into bad contracts where they pay you $100 for permanent exclusive rights to your story and stuff like that. Avoid at all costs.
Ah yeah, they tried that on me once. Unfortunately for them, it wouldn’t happen for two reasons.

1. I ain’t one to fall into a scam like that.

2. My works are never gonna be monetized. 

Given the type of effort I put in, some would call me crazy. Though welp, sometimes it just works out like that. Just two things I would have to do, and I would be well on the way.

1. Hire a proper editor. 
2. Hire a better designer.  DrakanLaugh

Re: Ringdom?

Unsavory platform, doesn't benefit writers, scam, stay away.

In short avoid.

They pop-up again and again as they go on mass "recruitment" of writers. One day I'm going to compile all list of platforms that writers need to avoid. However, I will say this:

If a platform, publisher, or whatever contact you for publish, a contract, or whatever ignore it. As true with traditional publishing and platform, they don't often come to you. Legit places rarely come to you. There are times that they do. However, for the most part, platforms don't solicit writers. If  they do, google them. 

Re: Ringdom?


Urikson Wrote: Could you elaborate a little please? What's wrong with them?

Sorry--I didn't have time for a longer post when I posted that, but it looks like others have filled in the gaps. I don't have much to add, other than agreeing with what everyone else has said.
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