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Proxy's Wrote: A feeling of relief or satisfaction when you finally get through editing? Hits pretty often for me.

Any feeling of relief or satisfaction after editing is quickly drowned out with worries about narration vs. dialogue, typos that have slipped past several reads/listens, and that squirming feeling that I've contradicted something I wrote 20+ chapters ago  DrakanLaugh  (But I'm glad someone gets that feeling!)

Re: You ever get that feeling,

Depending on how old the fiction is, editing is a nightmare. The feeling of reaching the END again is how your protagonist must feel when he overcomes the final obstacles.

One thing I did with Wave, was publishing the original story only on my main writing platform first. When it came to editing, I started publishing each edited chapter on another platform as well. The new feedback helped getting me through editing easier this time.

Re: You ever get that feeling,

I love editing my stuff, to the point that I cry when I read back some scenes or get hooked on reading my own story back. XD

It's part of why I finally took the plunge into posting my own works. I just felt so happy with my stories and wanted to share them.

Even when I have a bit of a mess to edit up, it's still fun fixing and fine tuning scenes to elaborate on the scenery or improve the conversations.