Welp, Edit Time Again.

For the last two months or so, I have been going through my work, and mentally keeping note. Until it got to a point where the range has become a hazard. This means, it is time to do a large scale edit. Fortunately, I thoroughly did the first half of the book a bit back. Those are fine, thankfully.

Though the second half, while it is in a pretty good shape. There are just things I have to smoothen out for good. Which brings me to my next point,

I did four and a half chapters so far. Boy that is long…

So, I figured out a way to make it easier. This is more of a mental thing in all actuality. Anyway, I decide I will alternate between editing from the ending, or the midpoint. This in itself at least makes it go by fast enough. Still, this is about a good hour if not more per chapter.  DrakanZip

Anyway, what have you lot been up to? If you wanna know why I have not been on. Well, editing…writing, also tests… DrakanNo

Re: Welp, Edit Time Again.


RavensDagger Wrote: A good rule of thumb is that editing takes half the time that writing did. If you actually clock your writing time, you can get a good estimate of how long it'll take to edit something.
Editing can take longer than writing the story itself, for specifically these reasons. Unless, ya know, you have another pair of eyes.

1. Line by line.
—> Deeply analyzing the structure.

2. Searching for words repeating too much.

3. Fixing grammatical issues if it turns up.
—> This can be even slower. Since, once correcting a mistake. A thorough person rereads the paragraph it is in, just for another confirmation.

4. The length of each part. 
—> This here more or less requires doing so in short but successive bursts. It simply means, you do a bit, stop yourself, then continue. Resetting helps to further spot out issues.

5. Audio confirmation.
—> Listening to your work helps to spot out more issues. 

Then you repeat this, for every single part. Fortunately, I did the audio thing a bit beforehand. So, saving some time there, currently going through it once more in precision. Meaning, fixing some grammar issues I missed. Fortunately, it wasn’t much. Just some stupid mistakes made here and there. Line restructuring, this is where a good portion of the editing comes in. 

This involves removing some words, then rewriting the line at times to have it flow. Then rereading the line to ensure it is working right. Currently, this editing process is in line with when I wrote it. Meaning, an hour for an hour. It is never a good idea to rush editing. Since that creates issues down the line, and end up taking up even more hours running through and fixing it. 

Best thing to do is to take your time, and try and get most in one go. This is also subject to change if your style shifts, which can become even more problematic.

So, 14 parts done. It took me about 14 hours, an hour per part. Which is four and a half chapters in total. Could be a bit less time taken.

Re: Welp, Edit Time Again.


Kiebahow Wrote: Wait... Instructions unclear, I spend way longer editing than writing.
If you are rushing, then the time will be shorter. If you are being thorough, prepare to be putting in hours. I am just fortunate it is only half of the book needing editing again. Better than the entire thing, that on a good day could take me two weeks nonstop. Since it is half of a book, I might be able to do it in a week. Though welp, have tests and homework to factor in.

Then I am also rewriting my second book at the moment. I clearly chose a bad week to do this.  DrakanLaugh