Even slugs can draw

Started drawing again after a 15 years hiatus at the start of 2020.
Did some stuff for my 2019 NaNoWriMo that I just finished before. The novel was about a slime mage, his slug familiar, love and rescuing the world! Well, forget about the world Very Happy Most likely I'll start editing this novel after this year's NaNo.


Brim, Slime Mage Apprentice and hero of my Nano2019 novel. He has a crush on heroine Ronda. Bad news: Slime mages are not really popular with the girls. Worse news: The blacksmith apprentice Tarkos seems to be his rival. Good news: The three have to go on a mission to rescue their city. The perfect opportunity to show Ronda what he is made of and to get rid of Tarkos once and for all.

Mel: Lesson #2?
Brim: A slime mage should always wear a slime-proof outfit.
Mel: So, what is lesson #1 then?
Brim: Cold and slimy.

(Mel (Short for Melchisedek) is his slug familiar who lives in one of the many pockets of his coat.)

Sage Ghamon, losing a game of chess against Abi, his slug familiar. Once wisest of all Slime Mages, he is nowadays a bit senile. Of course, he hasn't noticed that he is checkmate for two turns now, but Abi is a bit lenient.

Twenty years after this picture was taken, Ghamon is Brim's only hope to rescue his city. Good luck, Brim.

Tarkos, blacksmith apprentice and Brim's rival.
He might be the only guy in the Underworld, that cannot use any kind of magic. Brim, on the other hand, was the guy with the highest magic potential in school and was targeted by Tarkos for that fact. Years later, Tarkos feels guilty about bullying Brim in his past. When they have to join forces to rescue their city, Tarkos has to fight his anger, which is rising again, and find a way to make up with Brim. Not easy, when he notices, that they both love the same girl.   

Well, I tried coloring (for the first time) and I tried proportions. I failed both Very Happy

Re: Even slugs can draw


AlexaLee Wrote: You're great!! That first one is my favourite! 

Side note, I may need to buy that coat, I am in love.

Thanks! Sorry to say that, but Brim won't sell it. Mel is also protesting. 😄

parkertallan Wrote: These are all very well done. The first in particular stands out, not only for the art, but the humor as well. Well done

Thanks. 😀 Yeah, it is a humorous fantasy novel, and my drawings try to mirror that.

Haust Wrote: Huh. All this time, I thought the 'tail' of your slug avatar was a shell and that you were a snail. 

Ah well. Slugs, snails, both are adorable.

At least you're not mistaking me for a hamster, such as a certain duck does. 😁 
And you're right, both of them are the best.