Most of you who've read my posts know I'm currently serving National Service. Those who do know about Singapore's National Service will know about Pulau Tekong, and how how it's haunted, with stories about two children in cookhouse 1, looking at a tree while on patrol... You know... The usual.

So now, since I'll be off the grid for two weeks, I'll ask this question: 

What spooky stories do you have about yourself or others in your neighborhood?

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I work in a haunted house in an amusement park during octobers. 

There is a room in the basement there that mimics the scare actors that walks past it. For some of the scenes, near the end of the route, you gotta walk past that room to get back to the employee lounge. Several people, including me, have walked past it and heard a voice copying some sound, phrase, or song that we'd used on the visitors during that day. 

It's just an empty storage room. It's f*cking creepy. 

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It's not that scary but my 5-yr old sister once complained to my parents she heard strange noises at night. She said it was a dream. Then, after the next night, she went to my parents' room crying because she had the same dream again, seeing a figure near her bedroom door. Everything in her dream was exactly like our home with the exception of the sounds and the figure. No one else heard such sounds or saw such a figure, because it's a dream... right?

Plot twist: I don't have a 5-yr-old sister. Just kidding.

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I don't personally remember this, but my mother swears by this story.

When I was a toddler, my room had a collection of shelves with a bunch of toys on them. Apparently my mother went through the trouble of aligning all the toys on the shelf so they faced forwards. They were a collection of generic toys - stuffed animals, bright plastic superheroes, figures from various movies and TV shows from my childhood - stuff like that.

Anyway, she after she arranged the toys, the phone rang and she left in the room by myself to play. She said she wasn't out of the room for more than a few minutes. when she returned, however, all the toys had turned their back to me and faced the wall. Annoyed, she asked me why I moved my toys. I replied that I didn't. 

Neither of us had a good explanation. 

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>be me
>late at night
>working IT 
>coworker comes to me and asks why his computer keeps crashing
>go to check it out
>the computer wouldn't boot
>start combing through his computer
>as soon as i open his personal files he starts getting nervous
>find 8 zip files 
>they're like 300GB each
>russian names
>they're full of sheep getting shorn 

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This story isn't spooky, but it sure as heck is gosh-darn funny.

I had a girlfriend as an adult who never in her entire life ever stepped foot in a haunted house attraction that you see set up everywhere for Halloween.  So I took her to her very first one. There was this guy at the beginning of the walk-through who had on a rubber Frankenstein mask. He had a good hiding spot, and would jump out to say "Boo!" at everyone who passed by. 

So I had a bit of a lead on my girlfriend at the time, and I said to the guy, "Hey. The next person to come through here has never been in a haunted house, ever in her life. So you should give her a really good scare when she walks by."

He thought that was a great idea, and went back to his hiding place to wait. So my girlfriend walks by, and I'm watching from a distance, and he jumps out and gets right in her face and says "Boo!"

She punched him four-square in the nose. Really hard. I mean, he was staggered. So I kind of scooted out of there, quick like a bunny, to a point where he could no longer see me, cuz I was laughing so hard I could have peed, and I didn't want him to think that I set him up or something.

My girlfriend spent more than a minute talking to the guy, while all the while he was rubbing his nose. When she caught up to me, I asked her what she was saying.

"What do you think I was saying?' she asked me back. "I told him I was sorry, over and over again."

Oh gosh. To this day, it is still one of the best Halloween Haunted House stories I know. There is another one that is almost as funny, about a guy with a chainsaw and a Porta-Potty.


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I think sleeping is the spookiest thing we do.  I mean you look at the clock and it is one time and then you look again and suddenly it is another time, if you can trust the clock.  And in between those times you’re dreaming or not dreaming, and if you’re not dreaming, you’re supposedly not dead but what are you?  No one has any memory of that time.  You might as well not exist for hours each supposed day-night “cycle.” 

Anecdotal evidence suggests you just lie there while you’re so-called sleeping.  Twitching while you dream but lying still as a corpse while you don’t.  I wanted hard evidence because that was how I was raised - nothing and no one could be trusted and relying on untested assumptions was just setting yourself up for days of pain.  So I put up a camera to film myself sleeping, to see what happened to my body during the dreaming and non-dreaming time, but every night the camera recorded only darkness.  I bought several brands of camera with different recording media - redundancy not only in number, but in type, as I was taught - but always and ever darkness.  It’s possible that someone or something is sabotaging the cameras, but I’ve taken measures to rule that out.  My current theory is that, like me, the cameras cease to exist when I am asleep and are recreated anew each time I “awake.”

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A kilometer or two outside of the city I live, the oldest tree in the country used to be. It was cut down in the 30s if you can believe it. Thick enough that people demanded t see how damn old it was. I still think they're idiots for that but whatever.

Anyway. With how much time has passed, a good part of the tree had returned to nature but it's do damn massive that a good part still remain. But in the 70s, a few holes in the thing had started to come around. Was mostly animals digging into it, sleeping there fore the winter and the pissing off when the place began to rot even more. The entrances were quite small so anybody stepping the wrong place would be with their entire legs down in that hole. At least for adults. Kids could fall down into them. Since so many years passed, the holes inside the thing could grow quite big, being something of a time-bomb for anybody thinking themself the coolest kid on the block by climbing the damn thing.

And, surprise surprise, a stupid kid actually did fall into it. This was in the middle of winter, just to make it even worse. Since the rot had taken the sides, the kid was down in the three to his neck, in a position that made it near-impossible to get out by himself. And since it was winter and more than a fair distance away from the city, the kid was just... forced to stay in that hole. Nobody would come by chance, as was obvious. From what was said, I think the kid was like eleven so it must have been something. Was forced to be in that hole well into the night. Parents did call the police pretty quickly but nobody really thought to look out by the forest. Kid did survive somehow but lost a few of his fingers.

Anyway. Visited the remaining parts of the tree the last weekend. The holes are still obvious and all, but the one that the kid fell into stands more out. When you look into it, you can actually see a few of the imprints made by his thrashing(you know, boots flailing around and kicking the sides). Creepy stuff. This thread reminded me of that.

Bit of a ramble from me but whatever.