Reeve, just Reeve. Straight and simple. A manly mage with few morals, little patience, and a very pure hatred towards dolphins (don't ask, it would take another book).

Reeve finds himself in a new world, but not quite the one he remembers. he seeks to find out where he is, why he is there, and what really happened when he black out in the bar in 82'. Something the universe will just never know. But hey, he has a weird alien imbedded in his head who probably won't help. Its going to be grand.

Reeve is all about that combat magic, but the world that he finds himself in is more of a technological one. And Reeve doesn't get technology. He would rather blow it up with some mage-fyre. Yay! Fire.

Along the way he meets some pretty odd characters and creatures. Nothing like fighting some birds of prey, blowing up a ball sized moon, and smoking space weed. Not so much on the space weed though, it gives him indigestion. 

Reeve doesn't quite think through things like the rest of us. It should be a pretty interesting journey. If he doesn't end up dead ... or you know, worse. Married.