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Personally- last week- I had lost the confidence to share a snippet from my recent upload... I have just been in my head more recently over my output but I've shifted it and am confident enough to share again this week. I was asking myself "why am I even doing this?" a lot, so there were lots of conversations being had with my inner saboteurs the last week 🥊

So here we are, for another week.       Let's do it.| 

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LONGSTORYSHORT: This chapter/episode picks up from last weeks where Do’Lânqwa aka THE ASTRAL SHERIFF returned to his home earth in search of Krugreycium, an element needed for maintenance of his armour suit, jet and to be used to create a suit for the recently injured Terri.
Whilst there, he ran into a Resistance group who were having problems WITH AN OLD NEMESIS OF
THE SHERIFF'S (throwback to Vol1) and so THE SHERIFF called in reinforcements....
The Power of Three. Mindy, Blane and Holt. 

Here, all parties are going over their plan. 

The events in this chapter and the ending have ripples that are felt for the rest of Volume 2 and for Volume 3, so it's exciting. I'm excited. 

Is bastard a profanity? I've not ****'d it so sorry if it should have been. 

Quote:“What makes you think you’ll kill him this time?” one of the group asked.

Blane frowned. It was his meteors which was supposed to have done the job last time, but it was a fair point. “I’ll check myself. Personally,” he said, feeling a bit defensive.

“Are we all going?” the leader asked. He was finally introduced as Ba’Glitión to the triplets and Do’Lânqwa was finally glad to have a name for the face.

“Not everyone. It’s too risky. I’m hoping you’ll come though, Ba’Glition. And Fo’Vylrian, because you used to work here. We’ll need your expertise with extracting the Krugreycium when we have finished. Will that be ok?” Do’Lânqwa asked.

Fo’Vylrian was the one who said he worked at the Research Plant. “Um sure. Ok, yeah. I can help,” he responded nervously.

“Is there a plan?” Su’Clouvina asked.

“Go there. Kill the bastard. Grab Krugreycium,” offered Blane.

Su’Clouvina rolled her eyes. “No, but seriously?”

“No, seriously,” said Do’Lânqwa. “That’s pretty much the plan.”

“Ah right. Ok.”

Ba’Glition stood up. “Let’s get going then.”

Catch the chapter here directly in your eyes:  13. The Power of Three #7 : Unfinished Business - Heroes of The Collective Volume Two : Regret | Royal Road

Or catch up from the very beginning of Volume 1 or just start at the beginning of Volume 2, whatever floats your goat, via the links in the sig. Go on. You won't be the only one, there are others who do...         

...they just don't talk about it.

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Quote:He used the red outlines the screen inside his eyes showed him to aim then bob up. Firing off the rest of the rifle mag with enough accuracy to give the raiders pause, holding them in the rubble. Then he heard it. And began to understand why Paladin Sara Maxwell of the Brotherhood of Steel had been named for a storm.

Thunderous, steady, mechanical steps echoed through the air and ground alike. Stopping everyone around cold. John couldn’t help himself, he had to look. To see the animals feel the fear they loved to inflict on others, and they felt it, all of them. Moving faster than John thought the hulking steel armour could. Glinting in the low sun, Tempest closed the distance to her targets alarmingly fast. The panicked shots that did land sounded like rain on the hangar roof.

John didn’t wait to wonder why she didn’t open fire. He reloaded the rifle faster than he ever had before. Took a deep breath, then crouched over the remaining soil filed bags. John fired. Killing the two nearest raiders with quick bursts to the chest. As they fired pointlessly at the steel storm hurtling towards them.


The last raider tossed the empty assault rifle out from his rapidly shrinking cover. The oncoming mechanised feet skidded to a stop right in front him. He knelt, arms raised. Filled with the same terror he’d sadistically inflicted for fun just moments ago. John wanted to shoot him there and then. Ignoring his begging as he ignored the now even more frightened people chained to the ground.

Tempest raised an open mechanical hand. He mistook it for a friendly gesture, until it clamped around his skull and contracted. Silencing an anguished scream with an audible pop. Followed by a wet slap as she realised her grip, dropping, then splitting the crushed skull on concrete.

An eerie quiet seemed to follow. Then the still active display drew his eyes downwards. Projecting more red outlines moving beneath the concrete he stood on. Four of them.

So this is a snippet from about 2/3rds of the way through. I've tried to be restrained with the action, get the reader invested in the characters, and make it believable for them to be getting into (and out of) trouble. I just think it makes a better snippet!

Tempest is Sara's call sign, it's not just a bunch of random words, each has a theme and meaning. For example anyone that came up under commander y gets a mythical one, anyone under commander z a historical one

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It's snippet time! This time it comes from chapter 21: Meeting with the board of Heroes (Pt. 2). As mentioned last week, chapters 20 and 21, are a three parter conclusion to the second Arc of my story. 

For context, the meeting in question was called due to a fight that occurrs during chapters 17-19. Long story short, Shindo (The MC) was taking an exam to become a hero, but his two examiners (Yata and Batoon) took that time to settle a personal score realted to Lozen, Yata's boss. This pissed off Shindo, who proceeded to take advantage and humilate the two, which led to him passing the exam. However his actions where noticed by the board of heroes, who called Lozen and Ignia (Batoon's boss) to see what they do with the situation they have at hand. This chapter is right after the nine heroes (The board + Ignia and Lozen) have reached a conclusion o how to sanctin Yata and Batoon. Nevertheless the meeting is far from over, as they now bring out the main topic: Shindo's course of action during his exam. The Snippet this time will focus on the exact moment Shindo realizes why the heroes truly called him in:

Quote:"Good afternoon, ladies, gentlemen," Shindo formally greeted the nine heroes while he halted his steps. "To whom do I owe this pleasure in this afternoon?"

The bandaged man in front of Shindo chuckled in amusement. "Wattz, right? You can call me Mute. Do you know why you've been called here?"

"I don't have the faintest clue, Mr. Mute," Shindo responded. "Was there an issue with my exam? Or did I fail?"

"Oh, there's no issue with your results." the mature woman in black smiled as if to calm Shindo. If Shindo remembered correctly, she was a top heroine named Noire. He took note of her warm and beautiful smile, which didn't reach her eyes. "In fact, Wattz, we called you here because of your actions during the exam."

When she finished speaking, Mute took out a remote control and pressed a button. A holographic display appeared in front of Shindo and the heroes, showcasing key moments of his fight with Yata and Batoon in amazing detail.

However, what truly astonished Shindo was that the image came from a display pod. Display pods could display images and videos more accurately than projectors, but the manufacturing and materials of which they were made off were delicate. It would take a small team of well-trained gadgetsmiths and a huge budget to have a display pod of this quality.

"You see Wattz, you are a unique case in today's ambiance. You fight like no hero we've met." Noire's statement immediately put Shindo on guard.

"What do you mean by this?" Shindo asked, flashing them an innocent smile.

"Your skill at fighting meta-humans with gadgetry is unorthodox, to say the least. The way you prevailed over the examiners Yata and Batoon was eye-opening for us."

Shindo grinned, but his eyes darted in caution. He had a rough idea of where this was going, and he wasn't liking any of this.

"However, what truly caught our attention was this."

The footage on the display pod stopped to show Shindo grasping his Static and RTC controllers and zoomed into them.

"We have to commend you on creating a gadget that can nullify superpowers. This is a first in HOC history."

He was an idiot! Of course they would focus on that!

While Shindo cursed himself in his mind, Theodore took this chance to speak. "As a gadgetsmith myself, I noticed a few peculiar things about you. You know how to take full advantage of your gadgetry, leading me to believe that you created them. I will assume that your armor and your other weapons were made by yourself." This is when Theodore furrowed his brow in disapproval. "However, this "RTC" gadget is not registered in the Public DSG Patents. Did you use this exam as an experiment?"

As always this is just part of the chapter. If you're interested to see what happens in the chapter, the link to the chapter is here! If you're interested as to how Shindo got himself into this situation, or what exactly he did during his exam, or why did Yata and Batoon almost sabotaged his attempts to be a hero, The link to the story is down bellow on my signature. 

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This is taken from the first part of the chapter I uploaded this week.
What's currently happening: With The Tragedy of House Lacerta nearing the end of Book 1, Marisa is returning to Tyrstoll after finishing connecting Etna to the grid. But after a night of drunken revelry between her and the freshly crowned King Julian, Marisa falls asleep--or at least, so she believes.

[Content warning for moderately graphic imagery]

Quote:But Marisa awoke in the middle of the night. She summed up her sudden energy to the liquor slept off in her system. She stood up out of bed, and the world stayed still, no spinning unlike the hours before. It was curious she thought, but she continued thinking little of it as she grabbed a glass of water, downed it, and returned to bed.
Except sleep would not claim her. She lay there for what felt like hours and seconds all in one, and in her mind crept a gnawing sensation. Figures outside, her subconscious wailed. Check outside.
And so she did.
She suited up, unable to shake the feeling, and left her cruiser through the cockpit. The night was full of stars, and Julian's cruiser sat to the north silent and still. She gazed out over the horizon, taking in the sights, certain about the lack of any other soul just like every other night she had spent in the wastes.
Except she wasn't alone.
When her eyes returned to her cruiser, they glanced over the hood and caught a sight of radiance. In the distance, a figure stooped, shining bright and still. And so Marisa wandered over. She thought naught of grabbing her sword, nor of waking Julian; she merely walked.
And as she neared, the figure grew defined. She was an angel—the angel of Mars. A woman whose skin was as the dirt, whose skin was as armor in all the golds and silvers available to the forges of men, and whose face mirrored that of her own. She held a sword of impossibly intricate detail, raised it upon Marisa's nearing, and raised too a shield of polished platinum.
Come hither, child,” she said, though her mouth did not move. “Render judgment by thine every breath; save this star from early death.” At once she raised her shield, and in its perfect reflection Marisa caught herself, faceless save for her eyes which sat as empty coals, seeping pitch down her porcelain skin. She neared the reflection, and as she did so, a faint wail grew in her mind, and she thought it the angel's, but as her visage neared so much as to take up the full reflection, she came to understand the sound as her own, and try as she might her mouth would not open, and only her mind could revel in its madness. The woman then drew up her sword, and from her back erupted a pair of wings like a servant of God, but where there assumed to be feathers was but skinned flesh, dripping blood onto the dirt in holy sacrament. Her sword struck down, cloven unto Marisa's crown, and the princess was judged.

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Well. Now that the third chapter of Descent is done, I can now focus my attention on the fourth chapter, so here goes some off my mind stuff on how it'd go:

Quote:Dreams eluded Arty in his sleep, leaving him restless when he woke up, his mind groggy from the rest he got. The blanket on him fell off of the bed as he lifted his head up from the comforts of the pillow, looking around and wondering where his sister could have been.

Edit: And the chapter is out!

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 From chapter 95: Tomorrow’s Hope, Yesterday’s Sorrow of my fiction Saga of the Cosmic Heroes. Vicky and her friend Friederika are aboard a transport shuttle heading for the Admiral's flagship, where most high-ranking staff are expected to attend. 

The character Yuri was an unnamed character first mentioned in chapter 15 and her buddy is MIA as a result of disastrous decision-making that was the core conflict of the Memories of Toscana volume. Yuri appears rather distant and cool prior to this excerpt, but her strong will turns out to be a farce.
It's a little over the line limit, and pasting this I realized I typed the three months sentence twice.  peogiggle

“Say…” Yuri begins, her gaze looking out the window, “if you ever meet the ****… er, commodore Chal at all, or, well, any of his chief of staff for that matter,” Yuri sighs, she glances over at the vacant co-pilot seat, “I know I don’t have the authority at all to say this—and I definitely shouldn’t be encouraging reckless insubordination… but punch his lights out for me, will ya?” She says, finishing it off with a scoff.

It’s at that moment I realize that back then, Yuri was accompanied by a co-pilot when Friederika and I were tasked with removing a missile dud that struck the Yilan’s port side. It’s been months and the thought never crossed my mind at all until now. “I’m… I’m sorry,” I say, slipping off my cap. “Did she…?” Yuri waves the question without hesitation—her fingers curl as they fall back onto her lap.

“No, I don’t think—“ a quick clearing of her throat, “that ****** couldn’t die even if she played hop-scotch over a couple of landmines,” Yuri takes a deep breath as her helmet—the visor down—rolls to the co-pilot controls. “She volunteered for the mission at Baltit—first wave,” she continues, “because of some bogus last-minute reorganization, I was transferred to a different division—in other words, I went to Malabo—” though it’s subtle, Yuri shakes her head, “Malabo was hell… let me tell you that. So many good boys died on my seats, and all I could do was hope I could make it in time… I wanted to be a savior—not a deliver of death. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how nightmarish it was over at Baltit.

“And after the whole bloody ordeal ended, I tried to find Jamie as quickly as I could. I found out that Jamie’s mates said…” her voice cracks trailing off. Yuri stops for a moment—a brief hesitation to raise her visor—but her hand drops to her lap. Another rough clearing of her voice, “Jamie was first listed as ‘killed in action’—but I… but I identified the corpse they showed me—it wasn’t her. So they changed it to ‘missing in action’…”

“You don’t have to… if you don’t want to, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have said anything,” I whisper, but Yuri seemingly ignores me.

“They told me Jamie’s shuttle was shred to pieces—resembled those dirty Frankish swiss cheese than anything they said,” Yuri continues, “knowing that ******, she probably had some noble idea of getting the Star for Gallantry or even that bloody Victorian Cross, either way…” Yuri repositions her head to look out the cockpits, “missing in action, killed in action, prisoner of war… with that goddamn Scarface, it’s all the same for her. Jamie may as well get her commemoration posthumously… the thought that I have to approach her family myself… is haunting.”

“Lieutenant Baikal?” I whisper, clutching my chest. I’m at a loss for words… if Mazzareli and I could’ve prevented the splitting of the fleet… would this still have happened?

Yuri cuts me off, “these past three months have been taking their toll on me. The only thing keeping me going is knowing the possibility that she may be alive…” again, Yuri brings her hand to her visor. And again, she balls her trembling hand and pounds it on her thigh, “these past three months have been taking their toll on me. Frankly, I can’t even remember the last time I ate or forced myself to do a body shower. All I can think about is Jamie and all the others we left behind,” Yuri lets out a few short gasps before recomposing herself, “I want to believe she’s safe and sound out there somewhere. But most of all, I want to believe a shred of humanity in that bastard Scarface.

“Why, if I could go back and clock her lights out myself by god I’d do it. By god, I’ll drag Jamie back here myself—and I’ll head butt her for trying to act so high and mighty… but most of all, I want everyone else to come back, too… it’s no secret we’re essentially abandoning our comrades in Malabo and Baltit. *** those Brenaco guys,” Yuri shifts to face me—the ghastly expression of a blonde expression shines back at me, “I know you can’t do much… but, please—just give that bastard Chal and all the others a piece of my mind—a piece of the fleet’s mind,” Yuri says.

There’s a brief pause as Yuri rests in her chair and turns her attention to the window, “I think I’ve had my say of things, little Ensign. I shouldn’t have kept you hostage for so long.” Without another word, I give a salute, and proceed with an about-face out the cockpit—but like before, I find myself compelled to stop. I clutch my garrison cap tightly, leaning against the wall next to the door is a melancholic Friederika. Our eyes meet briefly—Friederika glances past me into the cockpit.

I can’t bring myself to let Yuri suffer alone like that. I can’t simply walk away from someone I inadvertently caused pain among two people—and the many left behind during the evacuation from Toscana. I give Friederika a nod, and head back into the cockpit, standing next to Yuri’s seat. The Lieutenant pilot is slow to realize my presence, “er, Happ? Did you still need—“ I flip her visor, revealing her shocked expression—wet cheeks, and ruined eye makeup—and with no further hesitation, clasp the helmet and slide it off. “W-what’s this about, Ensign?” Yuri asks, her voice quivering, her eyes darting me and to the doorway, “what—“

I pull her to her feet and it’s at that point Yuri chokes on her words. I throw my arms around her, clutching the Lieutenant and stroking her flowing hair now unrestrained from its tight, oversized helmet. “It’s all going to be okay,” I whisper “you shouldn’t have to suffer alone—I don’t want you to mourn alone in misery, Lieutenant,” cradling Yuri as I continue speaking softly, “what happened in Toscana is regrettable—but that just means that as the survivors, we should find the strength to rely on our friends for times like these. And even though part of the responsibility for the disaster lies with me,” clearing my stuffy throat before I continue, “so as someone who feels guilt over what she couldn’t do… all I can do now—besides beating the *** out of the irresponsible officers—is bring you some comfort. I want to believe, too, that Jamie is out there somewhere still… there’s nothing wrong with believing in hope, right?” I finish softly.

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It's that time of the week again. Here is a snippet from the chapter coming out on Monday. A bit of background.  The FL (Lorelei) learned that the ML (Noah) is engaged and supposed to have a political marriage to a minor. She suggested that he will have to consummate the marriage this time (ML and FL didn’t do that when they were forced to marry) and ML was obviously angry and hurt by her suggestion.

Quote:“Why are you always like that?” Not caring about the consequences, she stepped forward and stood right before the startled Noah. “You blamed yourself for the Red Hands’ doings. You blamed yourself for William’s schemes. For Lady Shana’s tantrums. For Lady Nelini’s plots. And now, even for me offending you due to my own stupidity and big mouth! Why don’t you let people take responsibility when they are at fault? Why are you always burdening yourself with others’ crimes? Even a steel sword will break after being hit repeatedly. And you are just human!”

“You… You…” For a moment, her husband was speechless. “Do you want to apologize that badly?”
Out of nowhere, Noah bent down and grabbed her left hand, planting a kiss on it.
“Then I have no other choice but to accept your sentiments, dear wife.”
Lorelei felt her face burning. She weakly tried to pull her fingers away but Noah kept them hostage and just gave her a smile.
“You are such a strange person, Lady Lorelei. I’ve never had someone scold me while claiming responsibility for hurting my feelings. And in a nightgown in the middle of my study at midnight at that. So carefree! What if a beast were to corner you and eat you up?”
“T-hat…” Lorelei stuttered and lost her composure for a bit, despite knowing that his teasing was revenge for her brazen remark just now. “I am lucky that there are no beasts around under my lord’s protection.”
“Lucky? Well, you might be right.” Noah laughed and there were some sparks in his eyes. He let go of her hand only to grab the shawl that had slid down her shoulders and tuck it under her chin. Then he suddenly changed the subject. “Your fingers are cold. Have a seat and I’ll give you something warm to drink.”

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Hi! Here's a snippet from Monday's chapter. Just a short humorous scene between Gerardo and his two sons:

Gerardo sighed. “I’m on your side. Listen, between us, when I heard about that fight at the restaurant, it made me quite happy.”

Zeke raised his brows. “What?”

“You’re young! You should be out doing crazy, stupid stuff like that. Raylan is a bit of gilipollas, anyway. Did you hear about the rumor of him pissing on the drinking fountain when no one’s around? And the way he insults people behind their backs, even those of his entourage. Poor AJ...”

“How do you know this?” Ugo asked.

“That’s not important,” Gerardo said with a straight-face.

“Yes, it is!” Ugo exclaimed. “Stay off our social media.”

Gerardo continued, “You’re only young once. Take advantage of your youth. It doesn’t always have to be about responsibilities. It’s important to have fun and experience everything you can as a young person.”

“So, we don’t end up like you?” Ugo said. “Desperately trying to relive the old, glory days?”

Gerardo gave Ugo a look. “I’m still your father, you know.”

Zeke couldn’t recall a time he had a normal conversion with Gerardo. Expecting normalcy from a character like him would be foolish, Zeke realized. This was the man who willingly proposed to a woman divorced from a drug-smuggling criminal who was still alive and well sitting in prison. Gerardo knowingly married into a family of criminals without a care in the world. Not caring. Again, an ability Zeke was so desperate to learn.

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🌟Tales of Unlikely Wizard🌟
Quote:Two options.

Two options and neither of them was good.

There was the dwarf and he could follow him — shadowing him. At least until dawn when they finally could depart to sixth. This had a clear benefit: even if the dwarf just got jittery from him following (he failed to catch him in the act), that could at least bought the party one whole day, maybe two depended on whether the next team arrived just before the dawn or light bless them, after the dawn. Compounded that with the mana storm outside, they could net two to three days headstart. Which should, no, would be enough to put a claim.

On the other hand, he could try to search the crates — rummaging and finding where the message was. Disadvantage: he couldn’t be sure that dwarf didn’t carry the message with him; but there was a chance — a good one — that the message was simply stuffed inside the crates. Under a sock or something.

Supporting this ‘postulate’ was the fact that he didn’t see the cat handing the dwarf anything. Which meant instead of the dwarf being a step, he was a door. Someone who didn’t know he had the message and just inadvertently passed it to other people.

Tough choices. Lots to mull. He was hoping to do both of course. Ideally, the dwarf would sleep there right there and he’d search him and the crates. Ideally. Unfortunately and not even a wick later, the choice had been made for him. The dwarf; was exiting the tent. Now and in front of his peeping eyes, the shorter man was glancing outside left and right; twice and thrice to each side before tightening his cloak and putting his hood and downing his head and scurrying fast and honestly, honestly, this smelled, smelled like a trap. But what could a man do? What could a man do besides following his suspect?

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I've never posted this up before so this should be fun! This is a bit from Beneath Within, freshly published chapter 11

Quote:“Their tunnels aren’t as winding as ours,” Kro said, looking around casually, like they were lesser for it. How could he take what was happening in his stride like that? Nadira had barely even registered the cave tunnels, her thoughts were too distacted. The tunnels wound through the thick walls around the marketplace, leading to the Family Homes, as well as any other Family property and towers of housing. The tunnels had many paths and stairs coming off of them leading up to destinations only the inhabitants understood. There were almost no signs, but they simply followed the widest path, certain it would lead them to the Home.

Nadira found her fears of being trapped coming alive in the tunnels. Some people said that the tunnels in the underground moved, and sometimes you would end up somewhere you didn’t want to be. It would take you in circles, toy with you, make the road go on forever. Some said they were really a large monster, and if you went alone down a tunnel, it could take you away, the walls would close, and you’d be crushed. Eaten by the tunnels. That was just horror stories though, to scare children. She had never heard of anyone actually disappearing like that.

Besides, people took these paths every day. They were just roads. The walls of the caves were lined with small glowing blue orbs and lanterns amid many small glowing green mushrooms and mosses.

“How will we stop them from finding us?” She asked Kro.

He looked down at her, “I don’t know. But you must be brave. Especially if you’re to pretend to be a Sot. Frank and Courageous. The Sot way has never let me down. I wish you luck.”

His words didn’t really bolster her confidence that much, which he noticed. He twisted one of his earrings and thought for a moment.

“I tell you what. You know I only got you and Arturri the potion but Sadie and I didn’t get one? That’s because we have a charm to protect the mind from that kind of thing. It’s not the most powerful, but it will be some resistance at least. I can make another one myself later. **** it. You need the help.” He twisted out the strange bat charm from his hair, letting a braid come loose, stopped her, and braided it into hers.

She found herself blushing as he carefully arranged her hair. The charm itself was icy cold to her skin once it fell against her neck.

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This is from Chapter 19 The Chronicles of Sorataki. The chapter itself will come out in a few hours from now, context is a character explaining the mindset of one slimy information broker she and the MC met to help her understand why she used underhanded methods to get what she needed off of him: 

“Zac sees people as puzzles to be solved. To him, the conversation is just a collection of data, pieces to hold onto for winning the game. He doesn’t just collect for his own game, he sees all pieces as means to building his own. And so he will collect information that is seemingly unrelated to his goals, you could say he’s a hoarder of pieces. Anything you say is logged for future investment. He’ll trade pieces he thinks will help you solve your own puzzles as long as it teases something of equal value for himself. He’s fair, but only in a biased sense. He’s willing to toe the line between truths and lies if he feels it will shake a better piece out of you. And he believes that all who approach him have pieces they value enough to keep from him and with his vast web of information he prides himself in exposing those so-called hidden gems.” 

“Because of all that, however, it ironically makes talking to him without an ulterior motive counterproductive. After all, if your pride and occupation were to puzzle out people and fill in the lies they could feed you to get at a much greater truth, and you met with one who seemingly gives you the whole picture without any catch then what hidden motive would you think they had up their sleeve? What lies would you feel they told you, what bigger plot might you think your overlooking?”

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This is from Chapter 8 of TOMEBOUND, published last week:

Quote:Deliego Goches marched through the towering doors of Castle Tern all alone. The cobblestones outside were wet with a recent rain.

Lucanh swung his sparring sword. The flimsy little metal rod wobbled with the force of it. "Stupid child's toy," he grumbled under his breath. "This won't protect anyone!"

"And neither will you," said Sir Godwald, jabbing the air between them with his own sparring sword, "if you cut yourself in half swinging a real blade before you're ready. That's no hero's death, is it?"

Lucanh frowned and muttered, "No. Let's just get on with it."

"That's the spirit, my Prince. Now, sheathe your sword." The boy obliged. "What are the basics I've taught you so far?"

"Establish good footing before you even draw your sword."

The Emissary's robes of gold and green flowed with his ghostly movement, the specter of a once proud ruler whose eyes still gaped at the sight of Death's sickle bearing down on him. He spared no glance at either row of knights flanking the long corridor to the Dridic queen's throne room.

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"That's not what I mean!"

“I know exactly what you mean.”
He makes Spock hand gestures with his cloud hands and smashes them together. “I bid you farewell.”

I watch as the cloud fades away, and mom pulls me closer. She yanks my head towards her and examines it. I could feel her poking around my head, rubbing the cut. She leans her head closer and licks my forehead? Mother licks my forehead, cleaning the blood off. I’m happy she’s cleaning my wound, but seriously, that’s so icky.

“Shh, it’s alright.” She said, pulling me closer. “It’ll be all healed up by morning.” As soon as I’m within grabbing range, I grab mother and wrap my arms around her. I’m not moving away from mommy as long as I live. I’m not much of a hugger, but if it keeps me safe. I’ll hug her forever.

She must have noticed me crying because she squeezed me tighter to her chest. I could hear her purring again, which soothed my frantic mind. The sound of her breath reminded me of a kitty cat. She’s just a big kitty cat.

I move around, pushing her slightly to feel safer. She pulls a blanket over us with one of her scorpion arms. She looks down at me and smiles. I smile back and close my eyes. As I go back to sleep, the pain in my stomach seems to go away.

Some time passes before I hear his voice again. “Yo! I’m back.”

“Just let me sleep.” I cry in my head. I close my eyes tighter and bury myself closer to mommy. When I tried to bury myself, she wasn’t there. I’m all alone.

The last part of chapter 6.1 It's Not Like That from Rei:Incarnation. Content warning, swearing like sailors mouth. Gosh, I love swearing. Context: I don't know how to justify any of this. It's not my best chapter.

Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 17/10 | TWELFTH WEEK

Our MC Logan (Spellthief) and his ally Marcus (Devout) find themselves at an almost-halfway inn on their long trek from a smaller settlement to the capital of the kingdom they are currently in. After four days of walking they are able to treat themselves to a cooked meal, and in proper friend fashion, buy one of each menu item (only two) to share between them. The "the above" is the world's version of heaven essentially.
From Chapter 29 - Comfortable Rest

Quote:“We’ve meat wraps and stews of the forest”, the innkeeper replied, sliding a small piece of parchment menu with a key for room 3 atop it.

Glancing over the menu, it seemed the meat wraps were akin to a fajita back on Earth featuring chicken-similar meat with vegetables and sauces within a wrap. The stews were a combination of vegetables and meat called “raylen”, asking the System Logan was informed it was an avian-porcine hybrid, with a taste between chicken and gammon.

“Hey, Marcus, mind if we order one of each and share? I am curious how they taste”, Logan asked as he turned his head to his ally.

“That is fine, the variety will ease the plainness of our travel food.”


It wasn’t too long before the pair’s meals were brought out, flavourful steam wafting from the hot food placed before them. Opting for ale, the two downed their first tankard as thankful praise was given to something to overpower the bland water they had been treated to thus far on their journey. Logan cut the wrap in half to share with Marcus who also handed his spoon back and forth with the Spellthief.

The wrap was full to bursting with ingredients, made even worse when cut in half. Perfectly grilled vegetables coupled with large chunks of chicken-adjacent meat. Comparing it to the stew, Logan found the raylen to be quite salty yet having a rich flavour that made him salivate even more. Either due to the food being amazingly well-cooked or the fact they had been living on salted meats and rations for the last 4 days, the pair felt like they were in the above from the taste.