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L.J.Molina Wrote: I'm a bit curious, but who is your favorite antagonist in fiction? Can be from any media; be it movies, manga, comics, books, etc.

As for mine, I would have to say either Griffith from Berserk or Darth Vader from Star Wars.
Man, this is a hard question. I like villains that you hope don't die, because they just make the conflict too much fun!

Darth Vader is a great choice.

In video games, I'm going to have to go with Pegan Min from Far Cry 4.

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Villains are honestly my favorite characters in all of fiction. They're often the most interesting. I'll always have a soft spot for villains that redeem themselves or have tragic backstories, but I also love villains that we just love to hate. Villains that are so terrible, awful, evil that we relish when they finally get their comeuppance. (Game of Thrones spoilers) One that comes to mind for me is Ramsay Bolton from GoT. His last scene was SO satisfying to me. His character was so morally repulsive and inhuman that he inspired aspects of my character Kimbel in my story TOMEBOUND. Although some parts of their personalities may be similar, the characters are very different, but I felt inspired by Ramsay's sadism and his endlessly punchable face.

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The best villains are either the absolute bastards that you love to hate (Ramsay was a good example), the representation of some primal aspect that's unexplained and unwavering (think the Joker), or the ones that come off as actual people with understandable motivations (like Loki in the MCU).

It's a popular one, but Heath Ledger's Joker was such a great performance that it'll always be top tier for me. Generally though my favorite villains are the ones that have me almost agreeing that their way is the right way, or that they at least have some good points. Even considering the slight dash of wholesale murder.

Flipside of this, did anyone see the latest Bond? That movie was awful, and a large part of that was because they completely botched the villain.