Re: What is a character you have created in the past that makes you cringe now?

Well...the character was meant to be just....god awful...let me explain.

It was one being by the name Fabulous Fantabulous Marcabulous.

Fabulous is the embodiment of all things annoying. In the most literal of terms. He is the evil god of everything mildly discomforting and everything socially inept. The kind of inept that is showing up to a funeral in a "Get well soon" my little pony t-shirt and wearing sunglasses.

Ever just be at a fast food place and there is that guy 10% too loud while talking about something like the difference between Furries and Scalies? Fabulous would mention the lack of boobs on scalies and how that's important.

This is the sort of awkward, uncomfortable individual who would wear socks with sandals and an off pink shirt. His entire goal is to make people cringe.

Re: What is a character you have created in the past that makes you cringe now?

All the characters in my first ever attempt at a dark Dragon Ball/Yu Yu Hakusho-inspired fantasy novel.

The main character was essentially me (literally to the point of going to the same high school as me and having the same classes), but with DBZ powers because he/I was the Savior of Mankind. His waifu damsel in distress girlfriend that fell madly in love with him at first sight and got captured by the villains in the final third of the story (oh, and the break up/get back together arc that I threw in arbitrarily mid-writing because I thought that a good story should have stuff like that and was resolved in literally one chapter). The main villain, a Sauron-esque demon lord that was literally every Dark Lord trope in one, from black spiky armor to wanting to destroy humanity for teh evulz to "baby heads on pikes" level of evildoing to torturing the girlfriend waiting in the evil fortress for the hero to arrive so they can do battle.

My only defense in writing this trash was that I was 16-17 during the writing process, and thank GOD it got deleted and lost forever. I unironically believe this made the Eye of Argon look like The Lord of the Rings in comparison. I regret nothing because it helped me develop as a writer and no other human being ever read this dumpster fire of a manuscript, but boy do I regret that I was ever bad enough to produce something like that.