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tfisb Wrote:
Sake Wrote: try reading 2000 words out loud non stop, and see how your vocal chords are doing
I spent several years where, each week, I would spend multiple 8-hour days dictating technical documents.  I also tried the path of the keyboard and the two are not comparable.  Automated dictation software is still ludicrously awful, but one day it won’t be and all will wonder at how someone convinced them to instead contort themselves to the perverse whims of the many-buttoned.

(I still type when others are asleep, but have considered building a detached cabin so I don’t have to.  I worry, though, that this would reduce my non-screen-mediated human contact to critically low levels

I tend to write, backspace then rewrite over and over so speech to text would be bad for me, plus the dictation software odesn't like my accent even getting alexa to play a song is a fifteen minute job

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Verlin Wrote:
CoffeeQuills Wrote:
Verlin Wrote:
Mai Wrote: Definitely gonna aim for doing NaNo this year. Not gonna do a whole separate novel for it, I'm just gonna use it as an excuse to get my word count up on Record of Lundeir's chapter drafts cause I might actually be able to finish writing all the first drafts by the end of the year. Maybe. Possibly.

Used to be that 50k in a month was really daunting for me but nowadays I can easily do 2k in less than an hour of writing, so hey.
You can submit an ongoing book for NaNo?

Sure Verlin! That would make you a NaNo Rebel *thumbs up*

What's a NaNo rebel? Also is there a wiki for this info 'cause I seem to be missing a lot
Technically, to "win" NaNoWriMo you need to complete a 50,000 word draft, which is apparently a minimum for a book to be considered a novel. But it is actually really chill in terms of how you can go about it. Some people go into it without a single idea of what they want to write, while others have a whole book plotted out and ready to be written by Day 1. Some people go into it with a book they've already started and want to finish. Other people use it as a motivating challenge to edit their entire book. Some writers just want to use it to motivate themselves to write more, so even if they don't reach 50,000 and "win", they're still satisfied with the results.

Honestly, at the end of the day, it's all about doing what's good for you. I plan on writing a second draft of a fantasy novel I've been working on for NaNo. I'm hoping it'll give me the push I need to get back to writing that book, since I've been avoiding it a bit of late! I know I won't be done with the book at 50,000 words, but if I can even write 30,000 words during the month of November for it, I'll consider that a win. If I can write 50K? Awesome! If I can write more? Speechless but elated. Less than 30K? Well, as long as I still wrote something, I'm cool with that, too, haha!

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AlexaLee Wrote: I'm going to do NaNoWriMo and the writeathon this year but I currently have two books on the go, not sure which one to go for though!

I plan to do the same, which is a little scary because the book that I want to do for NaNo is not a book that I want to share online, so if I want to do the writathon, I'll have to choose a second book to also try to write a bunch of words for during the month of November and that's a teeny big daunting to say the least!
DrakanSweat Should I? Shouldn't I? I have no idea! Maybe I'll give it a go and see what happens to my sanity DrakanThinking

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TomOBedlam Wrote: Has there been an announcement post for the writeathon? What are the rules? I know some people have multiple fics, do words across all fics count or only one? How many people do brand new stories versus bulking up their current tale?

When I did it in April I remember everything was announced the day of (April 1) and I am not sure if we where allowed to do multiple. So I'd just say wait for the announcement for November on your feed or ask a admin if you want to know ahead of time. And for the amount of people doing brand new stories versus continuing onward, I'd say it was equal as you still have to write the set amount even if you have already published a certain amount of words (so like I saw people thinking if you had a 30k out already you needed just a set amount when to win when that was not the case).