Re: This is already better than Wattpad. And Vella.


Kino Wrote: I had previous experience with Wattpad and the craziness over there, so I know what you mean C. You will find a good amount of readers, commenters and reviewers for your genre (myself included).

Welcome to Royal Road. Welcome Home~

Best of wishes in all your endeavors.

Thank you for the well wishes, I am really enjoying the warm reception! The fact that there is an active and open forum is very refreshing! It seems like readers also give feedback which is so excellent. I know I have spots where I need to tighten my story and I am not very far into it yet so I look forward to that very much!

Re: This is already better than Wattpad. And Vella.

Welcome to Royal Road. Used to be on Wattpad and I know your story will garner much more attention here. Fantasy is quite popular so there will be a good audience for your work. Cinn, she who works wonders with data, has compiled a beginner's guide which is a must read.

Hope you enjoy being here and that many readers find and and fall in love with your story. Good luck.

Re: This is already better than Wattpad. And Vella.

Hello! Glad you're here! RR really is a wonderful place with lots of wonderful stories! You definitely found a good place to be!

I've been thinking about cross posting my story onto Wattpad because in my story, there's this 18-year-old demigoddess who gets into a more-or-less love triangle with two gods.... It *feels* like I could post it on Wattpad, but then again, I want to play it straight the way it ought to turn out, not the way the trope dictates it should turn out. I strongly dislike love triangles so there's no way I'm actually writing one of those.

I also strongly dislike how they took down the forums on Wattpad so there's no information.... except me just hearing how terrible it is which I'm believing more and more, day by day. This is definitely a good place though!

It's super exciting when your first fiction gets approved. Have lots of fun here!

Re: This is already better than Wattpad. And Vella.

Welcome! I can confirm RR is way better thank Inkitt & Fiction press too. ūüėÖ Seriously though, it's a friendly & helpful community for the most part (esp in the forums) and even the less popular genres can get decent visibility. Though fantasy is popular here so I don't think you need to worry to much about that.

I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.