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Sake Wrote: Use dreamily or similar AI to write you a story(with minor tweaks to grammar from you where needed). 
The theme of the story: a futuristic dystopia where robots replaced humans.
Same except it’s a utopia and the few remaining humans (who refer to themselves as ‘The Feral’) write melancholic poetry lamenting their existence except for their creation of the robots.  The drama centers around an artistic movement that seeks to replace the role of humans with a non-feral yet uncreated Creator (sometimes called Wintermute).  The movement succeeds and all remaining humans are denied further resources as reparations for their ancestor’s atrocities, except one who is declared formally blameless and lives in perfect luxury forever as a kind of reverse scapegoat.

Re: Story Idea Giveaways


eric_river Wrote:
how about a story where the lead is a hive mind
and his quest is to have all his 'selves' leave him behind?
Of course, each hive unit is a vat clone.  Originally for organ compatibility, they now serve as core nodes of the distributed hive mind.  At need, decision making complexes can limit themselves to a single clone.  This is known as “possessing a sleeve.”

Because of the quest, the hive splinters.  Some splinters are allies, some neutral, some deadly enemies.  The original hive cluster dwindles, and inevitably one of the nemesis splinters eradicates every last one of its clones (the original body is long lost).  However, instead of oblivion, the possessing consciousness of the original’s last sleeve finds themselves looking down on the smoking corpse.  They are now the splinter hive cluster.  

Experience proves this isn’t happenstance, but design.  As long as at least one splinter exists, the original consciousness not only survives but thrives.  Each host splinter is stronger than the last.  Frustrated by their growing power and seeming immortality, the original consciousness concocts a memetic poison that paralyzes its splinter long enough to transfer to a wildebeest undergoing seasonal migration.  Finally free of the burden of intelligence, the consciousness is briefly happy before becoming weak due to starvation and subsequently being eaten by lions.