Re: Left Over Arma 3 Screenshot Art Photos for my Story.


gej302 Wrote: Those look great, but please note that in most cases all art assets from a game are still copyrighted by the game owner.  You can use some to talk about the game, but using them in unrelated context for your own gain may result in things you don't enjoy.
From what I can tell, this may be a different case, since they seem to be using their own modifications.

For the most part, if a screenshot is unique enough or presents something unique, the better chance it has in legal standings.

I personally don't believe they have anything to worry about, and if it becomes a concern, they can simply edit or re-take the screen caps in a more transformative way.

Either way, let's not discourage. It's a neat thing they were able to do, we should celebrate that. Let's not get things too bogged down in depressing hypotheticals.

Re: Left Over Arma 3 Screenshot Art Photos for my Story.

I'm saying the advice is bad, but the shots are great.

I just wanted to add some warning to the advice to take screen shots and use them as covers.  It's just like using iStock or something else with a copyright.  As long as you're not making money with it, you're probably not going to get chased down for it, but it is a real risk.  Several more popular stories have lost their covers because they were substantially made from (or outright taken from) copyrighted images.

People would be better off finding something on a copyleft/public domain/free use website than using in-game screenshots.  As the cover is almost entirely made of the skeleton face, as long as your assumption of personal (or non-copyrighted) custom mod is correct, then you're likely right, but if it comes down to tort law, nobody wins except the lawyers.