I'm slowly rewritting my story, the arbolarbres chronicles. here is the synopsis. 

 ( Book 1 Completed)  A young arbolarbre (Treeman) called Oak Quercus must stop his carnivorous mad King (Xidor Cedre) from sending his nation into a war to feed his gluttony for flesh and his  sudden quest for immortality.
However, he will have to face opposition from his vegetarian countrymen with diverging opinions on how to stop the King's madness. 
From the end of book 1 and onwards, it'll feature some elements of progression fantasy with a soul-eating mechanic.
Discover it in the first book of the Arbolarbres chronicles 
Currently rewriting the story ( Story will stop at chapter 30 for a while, while I rework chapter 5-19).  

Rewritten chapter 3 and chapter 4 are out, come check them out.