Forgotten the title of a novel

Hi folks,

Seems I forgot the name of a novel I read eons ago. Well, not eons, more like >3 years ago.

Key points:
 - Female protag
 - Starts off in a contemporary setting, I think it was actually a high-school/college setting
 - Protag is really strong, but does not fully know how to wield powers
 - I recall at least one fight in a parking lot. Weird.
 - Think police got involved, not quite sure
 - Parents are very mysterious figures, eventually her mother sends her through a portal to "develop" iirc
 - Bit of a weird empire-building, think like that slime anime that recently aired
 - I recall her talking with someone powerful in a... cave? One of the gods perhaps?
 - Dragon lineage/inheritance shows up and she gets possessive, eliciting a "moment of reflection", but eventually it is also embraced
 - I recall her at the end getting a "tower", a very op one similar to MC.

I've been searching high and low, but nothing comes even close to matching.
My suspicion is that it's either hiding in plain sight (oops) or, more likely, has been deleted.
Or my mind is making up a weird amalgamation of all the fictions I've read before.
I've italized the ones I'm not 100% sure these were of the particular novel I'm searching.

I'm also not quite sure if it was on RRL as well, but I do not remember anything that would make me think it's TL chinese/japanese/korean. So maybe a different type of RRL?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.