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For me, focus is a matter of scheduling and necessity. If I say 'I'll have a chapter on thursday' then I'll do my utmost to ensure I have a chapter on thursday, even if it's written in the last two hours before midnight in a panicked rush just to get it out on time. xD

Write-Or-Die and writing sprints are go-to 'in the moment' focusing aids. I love racing the clock, watching the little WPM meter go up when I keep going or drop down when I slow is a solid motivator for me.

But different systems work for different writers, so it's certainly not a universal solution. Experiment a bit, see what helps.

Good luck! PeoReading

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For me to focus on writing I generally think about the scene I want to write in my head for a day or so, then when I get a chance to write- i have a small child- I pour it all in there. I also tell my son what I’m writing about and even though it doesn’t mean anything to him(he’s 2) just rubber duck talking to him about it helps.

So in essence I have like an hour to myself to write? Think about it all day and then sprint to get my thoughts out.

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Low-Resolution Wrote: I just got my first follower!!

Duel Lords has over a hundred views!!!

I haven't worked on that story in a couple of years, as what I've uploaded are scraps of a second draft from google docs.

I have uploaded the starts of two other stories as well. I don't know what to work on next.

And, of course, right as I start to work on the other stories, I get the formatting in my head to work on a short story!!

I don't know how I can go months without writing a thing, then have too many ideas to focus on at once.

I need to focus. How do you guys focus?

And I suppose I can give you a bit of a tale to help you decide.

You see, I constantly improve my main works. Even though it is technically done, reason why? Well, it is like the heart of everything I have ever written. Taking all of the good points, and formulating a coherent story out of it. Simply reading it, it makes me remember all of my failures in a better lighting. Since all of that falling, has helped me create a truly memorable piece.

Always having this as a base, it helps me focus my mind on my next project, but always returning to make it better in some way. Try and write a bit each day, and draw up a solid enough plan. Your writing is limited by your imagination, hence, constantly knowing what you want to write prevents a block. It also enables a deeper focus on the craft.