🎵 50,000 Words of Song 🎵

Today I hit a milestone that seemed out of reach before
I hit fifty thousand words and still have plenty more
fifty thousand words of verse on Hero’s Song alone
eleven hundred verses in a style that’s all my own

I continue to be grateful to this awesome site
this community makes my time on here warm and bright
I even snagged a top one thousand badge and eight reviews
also five thousand, five hundred, and fifty five views

I don’t know what the future holds for this Novel in Verse
but as it stands it really could be doing a lot worse
it’s been fun to keep track of the stats on this website
it may be an uphill battle, but it’s worth the fight!

Re: 🎵 50,000 Words of Song 🎵


Mad Wrote: Congrats!!! DrakanWine DrakanWine DrakanWine
Three glasses of grape juice is exactly what i need!
thank you once again, it's a celebration indeed!
Hitaishi Wrote: Congratulations are in order!
Bless your verse fodder
Keep weaving this epic song
The bard will sing it however long
I shall weave until the final tapestry is spun!
but who knows if ever hero's song will wind up done?!
by the way, i JUST ran out of rep, so wait twelve hours
i must learn to ration my out of control rep powers ><
TomOBedlam Wrote: There once was a bard, eric_river,
Whose comments in verse did deliver,
And every time,
Those rhymes they did chime,
And set us with delight all a-quiver!
i'm glad that you enjoy my comments, i enjoy yours too!
for joining my celebration, a big thanks to you!
slok Wrote: You are very good at coming up with rhymes
Reading them always provides us with good times
While making things like this is not my expertise
Being happy for this comes with ease
your rhymes and joy are both welcome, i thank you very much
i think your rhymes in fact seem to have a very nice touch!
AlexaLee Wrote: That is so impressive!!
likewise, you inspire us all with quality of prose
your comment makes me happy from my head down to my toes!
parkertallan Wrote: 50000 words in rhyme is quite impressive. And I'm sure your poetic posts have added tens of thousands more. Congratulations on a wonderful achievement.
i certainly do hang out here a lot these days, it's true
here's to fifty thousand more in comments, and thank you!
MalevolenceMau Wrote: Congratz! When are the album pre-orders going live?  DrakanLaugh
i'm hoping i can start recording soon, within the year
when they go on youtube you'll all be the first to hear

Re: 🎵 50,000 Words of Song 🎵


SackOfSnails Wrote: Well done.

I don't even know what to rhyme with done.

Take this potato and I am gone. DrakanPotato
thank you very much, indeed my work is not yet done
but it's fun to run with all these tales beneath the sun
i've had a ton of help here on the site from everyone
but still one year is has not yet passed, i've only just begun!
DrakanWine DrakanPotato

Re: 🎵 50,000 Words of Song 🎵




those little round discs really were collectible and great
i wish i hadn't thrown my pogs out, but it was their fate 

JMMatheis Wrote:
I don't know how I missed this post!
Congratulations are due,
fifty-thousand words of song,
I just can't believe its true!
To create such an amazing piece,
to such an incredible tune.
I can't wait to see where it goes,
I am hooked on what you compose!
Awesome effort and Congratulations!!!
you're as much a kind reader as an epic author
thank you very much from one poet to another
grapejuice --> FancyDrakan