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We nearly made it to THREE PAGES OF SNIPPETS LAST WEEK! That's good going! Maybe this is the one that can do it *winkwinknudgenudge*

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Also, I'm intrigued by the one sentence snippets that come up. Maybe one week we'll do a ONE LINE ONLY SNIPPET SHARING CHALLENGE SPECIAL SPECTACULAR... SPOOKTACULAR?. I won't thrust it upon y'all though, I'll give warning if I am tempted to set the challenge. 


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Here's the thread from last week to give you an idea of what people were posting then :     Sunday Snippet Sharing 03/10 | WEEK TEN | Royal Road


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Quote:“Why were you in The City? You raiding our supply lines?” With a surprisingly aggressive response for someone naked, soaking wet and strapped to a chair, the man answered.

“Do I look like a f&$£ing raider to you?” Question, and no matter how much it made Sara smile, it got answered in the same way. Darkness, cold water, pain. The light came back on quickly and the man answered without being asked. It wouldn’t be long before he broke.

“I was looking for radio equipment.” He gave more detail than he needed to, the elder knew what to ask next.

“Tell me about the Vault.” The man slumped in the chair, his head hung in confused defeat as he spoke.

“We need parts for an air recirc system. If, when, it breaks people are going to die.” That hadn’t been the answer they expected. “No one I spoke to had any idea where to find what I needed, but they said there were other Vaults…” The man stopped talking, offering one last act of defiance. Not a question, but the elder flicked the light off all the same. Marks had the good sense to hold back the water, just long enough. “Ok, Ok.” He’d broke. The mere thought of another short, sharp, blast of cold, irradiated water, was enough to compel compliance. Sara had seen seasoned knights break faster than this.

The light came back on, offering the curated sense of safety. “My pipboy, on my arm, it has a mapping function. With the radio equipment I can boost the signal, scan a larger area, try to find another Vault.”

“So everyone in this Vault is in danger, and they send you in your shiny blue suit?”

“They didn’t send me, they wouldn’t even listen to me, I escaped.” The more this guy said the more Sara liked him. He had grit, even broken and shivering.

“How did you open the door?” The answer to the elder’s question could change everything.

“My pipboy.” The elder sat down, a look long absent from his face returning, a look of purpose.

This is a snippet of an interrogation (it's longer than this) from about half way through vol l and the first chapter told from another character's point of view (Sara). There's a reason its a hands of technique. Should be obvious to those familiar with the world who and why is doing the questioning but it is explained prior to this.

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Quote:Of course, snitching was cool. In fact, the only reason why he wasn’t complaining when Rene was praying to the stupid slab of rock was because he was planning to do the same thing as the rat did to him: snitching. Snitching the cat out.

Also, he shouldn’t need to say this but it was a fact that most obvious that complaining drew attention. And attention was the last thing you needed when you plan to snitch. Kinda unfortunate that Lene noticed his lack of complaining though. Who would have thought that he shutting his trap was an indicator that he wasn’t being his usual self?

Although getting busted there was kinda, arguably, ...good. Breach in ones’ mask was inevitable. Even the best spy slipped. Better to have it happened in front of people who he trusted rather those who he didn’t.

Overall, it was a good lesson. That when he was near people who knew him well, he didn’t need to overthink things. Do not change his own behavior. Just be himself and still keep an eye. Simple.

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Quote:Kayli Mari punched a tree. It hurt, and did nothing to improve either her physical strength or core cultivation.

Why am I doing this?

“Follow my path, little sister, and you too will be strong one day.”

Kayli punched a bit harder.

Zu Mari. Just thinking about him made a blush rise to her cheeks, and her mind to race. He’d been insignificant for so long, she’d not even noticed as he slowly grew stronger and stronger. It felt almost as though he’d suddenly changed overnight from a weakling to a paragon of perfection, but of course that was impossible. It was a shame they were related, or…

She punched the tree hard enough that a smaller branch snapped off with a loud crack. She should not be thinking this way. She was strong, independent, self-determined. She had plotted her course to ascension long ago.

And yet here she was, all her own plans abandoned, punching trees at the behest of little Zu. Zu, the usurper. Zu, who had somehow weaseled his way into Grandfather Gari’s affections in two minutes and taken her rightful place as heir. Zu, who had suddenly become the librarian’s favourite student for no reason whatsoever. Zu, whose training methodology was utterly idiotic but had somehow pushed him into a perfection of both body and soul that she could only envy.

And she did envy it. Between the brief lucid moments of violent hatred, she admired her dear teacher. Zu had deigned to instruct even one such as her, who’d once tried to stand in his way. It was more than she deserved. By rights, she should have died for challenging him. How had he gotten so powerful?

She punched the tree again. Whatever he’d done, it wasn’t this. It couldn’t be. But… there was always the possibility. She had to know for sure. It would be stupid to abandon a potential training method.

So Kayli Mari neglected her cultivation and meditation, eschewed study and practice, and punched trees.
This is an interlude from my amazingly awesome story, The Unstoppable Ascension of Zu Mari. This scene will be posted on the 12th, but I found it amusing enough on its own to perhaps be worth sharing. :)

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“Don’t make a fuss, girl! Get back to your mother’s side and—what the!—” The tall baseblood’s growled warning had almost finished morphed into a disbelieving yell as a shimmering wall of mana materialized, then fell like a domino tipped over by a demigod’s finger. Men were blown off their feet by the impact, the doorway disintegrated, and splinters danced in the air as the rectangular force dissolved with a shockwave that swept away bullets and the desperate attacks who fired them from beyond the threshold.

A slender hand fringed with silken ruffles rose a second time, this time to summon an orb like a blue sun. Rapidly gaining in intensity and rotational speed, it was finally unleashed into the panicked midst of the remaining attackers in the corridor to blind and scatter them violently, autumn leaves helpless before the whirlwind’s onslaught.

The palm glowed once more, as if its owner was considering another, more destructive vortex. Five, maybe ten seconds passed in relative silence; then the palace hallways could be heard to echo with the sound of groaning. The rat-faced man lay motionless; the ethereal glow that had illuminated the corridor to its farthest reaches faded. Slim fingers relaxed and the figure turned around slowly, light diminishing and a throbbing hum decrescendoing as the palm-held concentration of mana dissipated into the aether.

An action sequence snippet from a recent chapter of Selena's Reign: The Golden Gryphon:  Selena's Reign: The Golden Gryphon | Royal Road  I haven't been promoting my story much lately because things were building up; now that we're in the end game of Book 1, I'll contribute more often. 

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Quote:“How’s the situation?”

[“We have both bad news and good news. The good news, there is a habitable planet in the place we came out.”]


In this vast universe, the probability of us arriving right above a planet was supposed to be virtually next to nil. Especially since we trailed off the supposed destination of the space crack, getting ejected somewhere outside a gravitationally bound galaxy — or in other words: deep, empty space — was much more likely.

[“Have I not told you that before? And the bad news, the ship is in a course of crashing into the mentioned planet and only about twenty hours remaining till impact. The only way to make the ship stay in orbit is by jettisoning the useless parts of the ship to space and using the remaining thrusters to stabilize the path. Also, remember that I said the life support systems are failing? The oxygen remaining on the ship has reduced to about 20 percent and dropping. Lest you want to die here from cerebral hypoxia, you better escape.”] Liz’s countenance was cold and emotionless just like her monotone voice, even though she delivered some shocking news one after another.

“What?!” I said for the second time. “Is the atmosphere on that planet even breathable?”

[“According to the optical spectrum analysis, it consists mostly of oxygen and nitrogen, and there is a 91 percent chance of the atmosphere being breathable for humans.”] She projected the composition of the planet’s atmosphere.

“What’s up with the remaining 9 percent?”

[“Potentially unknown harmful gasses, unknown viruses, and parasites. But rest assured, I have updated the nanobots inside your body to be military-grade ones while you were in the medical pod. Though you need to consume rare metal pills periodically.”]

Chapter 4: Deep Crisis in Saga of Cosmic Journey
Here we have the MC stranded in an unknown solar system with one habitable plane.
What will MC find below? Let's find out.

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Quote:     Maxim was having a rather bad morning: a broken nose and facial fracture would do that to fellow. Now he would have a crooked nose and an ugly dent in his face for the rest of his life. Well, he would just have to turn it into an impressive story to woo the ladies with. Okay, so perhaps it wasn’t all bad, but Bloody Burning Balls of Chaff, it hurt! He must’ve looked a sorry state. Not that he didn’t deserve it really. Ambushing someone while you were drunk was stupid. Doing it twice in a twelve-hour period was doubly stupid. Even if that bastard Caj deserved it. He still had a horrible head-ache from the strike that morning, and his stomach felt as though it had been turned inside out, and then promptly trampled on by Old Red. He reached up to rub at his aching eyes before snatching his had away. He already knew how painful that would be. He wondered if this was what a hangover felt like? He had never had one before, no matter how much he had to drink, he always felt fine in the morning. If he had to guess, he would say this was worse.

     Father had been whispering a combination of encouragement for the upcoming test and criticism for his foolishness this morning and the night before. If he was being honest, Maxim didn’t much remember how or what happened last night, other than that he had been knocked out by Caj. This morning was a blur, but he remembered being told that Caj had put him out last night, and that the man had been found in Natalia’s bed. Or she in his. Something like that. Foolishly, He attacked the man. Even more foolishly, he hadn’t sobered up before attacking the man. Normally, Maxim wouldn’t have given a half-a-damn who Natalia was sleeping with, but he didn’t like that man. Caj Donovan was a twisted and cruel man, he told himself assuredly. That’s what it was. Not that the man scared him in the slightest. Not that at all.
Ch 29: A Poor Day For Digging Graves
Please stop by and give a read!

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Another week of snippets! This time it'll be from chapter 62, "For the Greater Good", the most recently posted chapter. It's an attempt at being philosophical (while being in the middle of battle, no less), so I hope I executed it well enough. Note: bolded phrases for emphasis

From the perspective of the attacker:

Quote:A slash. The closest soldier falls dead, his arms maimed, limp, his head decapitated. As the helmet detaches from the head itself, Tevlaia catches a glimpse of the soldier’s face, a young boy, perhaps not even the age of eighteen, wide in shock. She doesn't care...

A blink. Two blinks. Three blinks. Three dots on her display disappear just as the sound of an artillery shell reaches her ears. Three Battalion soldiers down. Tevlaia bites her lips. The brutal slaughter of her comrades, most likely blown to bits from a single artillery shell. Comrades who have trained for years, enduring the horrors as she has, only to be killed at the gate of their enemy’s capital. Ruthless they are killed, and ruthless she shall kill in return, as she always has.


She accelerates. The beams from the enemy pepper her teraveza from all sides, the metal rattling from the force, her cloak absorbing the beams aiming at her body. But it isn’t enough to even slow the impending doom upon the soldiers. The teraveza rams into the soldiers’ torsos, running them over, her blade slicing their necks at even the slightest glimpse of an opening. Behind, Kerohar blasts open their skulls with his rifle, picking them off only by the gleam of their helmets. Three of her own subordinates have died already, how many to atone for their deaths? The answer is natural: every single enemy involved in their murder.

For the greater good, all of them must be extinguished. That is her reason, her rationale. There will be no compromise.
From the perspective of the defender:

Quote:... In such dire times where resources are scarce, he has decided that only the “essential” shall live. I’m deeply sorry… but your journeys in Thille and the New Rule is over. Everyone here is no longer of use to the efforts of the New Rule. Food and resources shall be allocated to the worthy only. By the order of our President, death shall be your refuge.”

... There is no remorse as the guns keep firing, the people keep dying. Finally, as the last one falls, the soldiers finally stop firing, their rifles hot, leaving only a room of red, brown, white, and black.

“By the order and words of our President, Thille must be protected. At all costs. The young live, the old die, but Thille must be ageless. For the sacrifices of the useless, the useful will survive.

For the greater good.

What is the "greater good", really?

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No time to explain, here's the draft of chap 3 of Descent:

“And that’s done,” the Innkeeper said just as he closed the drawer, turning around and laying the ruined jacket onto the chair. He felt defenseless, standing there without the weight bogging his arms down, but he didn’t have a choice. The guy/lady motioned him over, getting him to sit down before working on him.

“You kids sure are bold to come here,” he/she starts, wrapping bandages over his wounds. “At this time of the year, you’d be dead if you were still out at night.”

“We took a wrong turn,” Arty replied, grimacing at the pain in his arm. Long subsided pain now resurfaced, threatening to push deep into his mind. “Lost everything trying to get somewhere safe.”

“Well, you can go say thanks to your god that you made it here. Now hold still, while I finish up.”

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It's snippet time! This time, I chose a moment from Chapter 20: Meeting with the Board of Heroes (Pt.1). Some context (It's a bit long, sorry!): As the chapter tile implies this part of the story is a meeting between the top brass of heroes (called The Board of Heroes) specifically about the events that happened during chapters 17-19. Long story short, Shindo East (our main character who is referred to as Wattz) was taking an exam to officially become a hero, but he came into some issues as his two examiners (Yata and Batoon) took this chance to settle some personal issues between them. This understandably pissed of Shindo, who decided to humiliate the two by verbaly aggravating them and taking advantage of their tired state after their initial state, which eventually lead in him passing the exam. This meeting is a direct consequence of this, which leads to Lozen. she has to participate in this meeting as she was the one who observed Shindo's (The MC) exam and she wants to help her subordinate Yata, because the reason he fought Batoon was because of her. She is also accompained by Ignia, a bitter rival of her that is Batoon's superior This snippet is meant to show the part of the chapter where she tries to save Yata from a worse fate, showcasing a bit of her will, while also showing a bit of Ignia's character. Here it is: 

Quote:At this, Steadfast spoke, "Seeing as those are some serious infractions, I suggest we suspend them from taking any missions. Batoon for nine months, due to him attacking first with intent to harm and putting and examinee in harm's way, and Yata for three months due to retaliating not out of self defense, but out of a personal grudge, risking the examinee’s life."

The Board nodded at Steadfast’s proposal, as if considering as a possible option. An option Lozen didn’t have the luxury of accepting. Three months would cripple her team as a whole, since Yata was a core member in her team when dealing with the few missions that came in.

This is when all the Board members present gave their attention to Ignia and Lozen.

"Do you two have any objections, suggestions, or evidence to reduce their punishment?"

This is where Lozen opened her mouth. "Yes, I want to make a counter-proposal."

"A counter-proposal?" Steadfast asked, a bit irritated. "We're being lenient to Yata. If it were me, I would ex-"

"Hold it Steadfast, let's hear her out." A tired voice interrupted Steadfast. Through the monitor, a tired but silent man leaned forward in interest. This was the analyst of HOC, Coffee-man. Lozen always found his name oddly ironic, since rumor had it that he didn’t sleep enough.

"Seconded!" Fuzzbuz said enthusiastically while raising a hand.

"As his superior, I believe it falls under my responsibility to punish him." Lozen said, trying to appeal to the court.

"Oh? How so?" Mute questioned.

"Well, before the exam, I gave him a direct order to not engage Batoon. The misunderstanding I had with Ignia's subordinate is my issue to resolve, not Yata's. However, he went against my orders, and now I have even more reasons to punish him: he broke examiner protocols." Lozen finished by looking straight at Mute, her fist trembling a bit.

She was nervous. The board was always out to get her, so she didn't know if they would consider her notion.

"Let me get this clear," Coffee-man said, "You want to be in charge of Yata's punishment, even after you’ve told us he disobeyed direct orders from you and all the damning evidence that he broke protocol."

"Yes. I want to be responsible for his punishment, if possible."

Coffee-man went into deep thought for a bit, before opening his mouth again.

"'Top hero,'" Coffee-man directed his eyes at Ignia, calling him by his title. Ignia returned a pensive stare. "Your subordinate is the main instigator of this incident. What do you have to say about Lozen’s counter-proposal?"

Lozen held her breath as Ignia scratched his head nonchalantly.

"I wholeheartedly agree with Lozen. Like her, I ordered Batoon twice not to engage Yata." This surprised the heroine. Ignia wasn't lying before when he told her this? "Going by her logic, Batoon's mistake is my responsibility to correct too. So, I say let me and Lozen deal with this issue."

Satisfied with Ignia's answer, Coffee-man turned to the board. "Well then, Let's start the vote. All in favor of Lozen's proposal?"

Five of the present members of the Board said "aye", with Theodore and Steadfast being against this. Still, since the majority of the Board voted in favor of Lozen’s proposal it was passed, causing lozen to release a little sigh of relief.

Still, she couldn't let her guard down yet. This meeting was far from over.

If you're curious to know about how this meeting goes, the link to the chapter is above. If You're curious as to how Shindo cought the Board's eyes, or as to how he had to take the exam, or how Lozen and Shindo are involved in this, The book is down bellow!

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Oh yay! Snippet time! 😻

So let's see. I think through the course of these weekly snippets we've finally met all the characters in my rollicking SciFi Adventure called DOTS, including last week, when we met Anna's new momma-san named Fuji, and her best friend, a Tropical Beach Bikini Girl named Sue Marie. Then there's meek Hank and his two main female cohorts -- rough n' tough Rio and spicy Anna. Oh! And crazy Aika! She is the most fun! 

In the last chapter of The Book of CHASTITY, Aika finally convinces Hank to doff his briefs and join her in her big tub. You'd think it's all for fun and gameswell it is, of course, because I like writing about Aika the bestbut she has big plans for our trepid Hero. She's teaching him how to use his God-given gift as a Dot.

Let's take a peek and see.

     "Do it again," she said, nestling between his legs to rest her head in his lap. "Fill me with honey. I'll teach you how to reach for miles and revel in faraway people."
     Slowly, knowingly, with large hands and long legs, Hank took control of Aika. He coiled his body around her as she held fast to his knees to keep from drowning. He forced her to face grizzly bears; demons of dark despair roaming free and monsters with giant teeth—evil awful gaping things filled with anguish and envy and hate.
     Her inner voice sounded a warning. "There are things you cannot change. They change you instead. Blacken you like cancer."
     Hank disagreed. I can save them all.
     He dragged her further through Hell. She clutched him as danger loomed.
     "Himushi. Leave this alone."
     Ignoring her, he dove deeper.
     "Let go. You'll hurt yourself."
     No. I'm okay.
     "You're hurting me!"
     He relented, heeding the plea of his sensai. He swung her along zip-lines next, shuddering through solid tubes. Like cannonballs chained together, they flew while their bodies embraced.
     Aika could no longer be heard. He felt her words instead.
     Be careful.


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This snippet comes from Trickster’s Song 1.14 - Unexpected Depths. Our hero, so recently transported to this world, finds himself trapped in a tunnel complex deep beneath a mountain with an adventuring party of four women he has never met before. Join us, as he ponders the danger of equipping loot without identifying it beforehand…

Quote:The black leather was surprisingly supple and entirely clean and free of dust. Robin ran through the Arcane Lore in his mind. Masks were often enchanted with spells of concealment or illusion. That was certainly a familiar theme.

The paranoid tabletop role player in him screamed that he should drop it. It had to be cursed. Or a face-eating mini-mimic. But something else inside of him recognised a kindred spirit, almost. It felt similar to the feeling he got when the Elvish God of Mischief had marked him.

Frell it. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut. Robin put on the mask.

The leather was cool on his face and it adhered in place as if it had been made for him. Maybe it had. The deities work in mysterious ways, right?

A notification popped into Robin’s view, but before he could read it, Ora-Jean called for everyone’s attention.

‘That’s not the only thing, though. Lantha, can you bring your light closer to the wall?’

The elf did so and the party went silent as they beheld what was scrawled across it in rough, red-brown letters.


‘Looks like whoever this was wrote that message with their own blood right before they died.’ Ora-Jean glanced around the party.

Well that’s not ominous at all.

To jump right to this chapter to see how Robin first found the mask, you can click the link above!

To see how Robin first came to this world and how this while mess began, you can click the link in my signature, below!

(That came out a lot more Choose Your Own Adventure than I expected, haha!)

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Quote:"Dunno. I thought it might be good to make conversation, you know? If I am going to stay with you for any amount of time, I'll need to get to know you. Wouldn't it be terrible for the pair of us to spend months together, cooped up in your apartment, practically strangers? Or maybe you'd think it exciting?"

Esthrielle bares her steels with a salacious grin, and Esper James shudders. In her heart, she's still disgusted by this other woman, but intrigued as well - dinner with a murderer, an evening with a scourge. Surely she was a sociopath. Surely she was evil. But Esper James still felt drawn forth in a strange way; a foreboding way. She couldn't quite take her eyes away even as Est's synthetic body hissed steam once more, the LEDs of her eyes brightening and darkening idly.

" accident. I got hit while crossing the street. They scraped me up and threw me in the morgue and I was back to life- back to consciousness in three days."

She muttered the words, not wanting to discuss it much - to deliberate one's death as a second-living was taboo, to say the least. It was like discussing a dead name, or an old lover, or a forgotten family: painful, meaningless, better left unsaid. Est wouldn't know that. She was from the East; she had no clue that the West even had such conventions. The Italian's smile faded, though, as she seemed to realize the weight of her words.

Est shifted in her seat, towel still wrapped around her, thick alabaster mop dried from the time it took for dinner. She still had a distinct artificial shine to her skin, making her seem soft and smooth, like a doll - like a plaything. Without the muscles she may have been just that, with how curated her appearance was. EJ tried not to think about the implications; Est seemed to know them and flaunt them, though she had reigned it in for now. An awkward moment was broken by the warrior, her mirth missing.

"Oh... huh. That's awful. Does it ever, uh... Does it hurt?"

"What? Dying? Does dying hurt? Fucking yes, duh. But..." EJ drew in a slow breath, eyes lowering to her hands. They were frail and trembling, the vivid memory - one of the only things she could truly remember of her life before death - coming back in terrible detail.

For a bit of additional context, this comes just after one of our story's main co-stars asks our protagonist for some details regarding her death, and how she became undead! Obviously, it's not a great thing to bring up. Faux pas, Miss Esthrielle. 

It's from an upcoming Chapter releasing quite soon, ideally named 'Death and Consequences; or, The Meaning Of Life'.  However, you can read the full story here!


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Quote:Kaeo could stop Lea from being dragged through the streets to be forced to regret  through her trauma over and over for the news, her family members, her classmates, etc. Being chained to a bed to heal was better than going back lost and damaged to the human world. It made her sick knowing that she’d have to keep Lea locked away until everything quieted down. But it was for the best. 
“I’m sorry.” She cried realizing what she had just said. She reached out slowly but pulled her hand back when she was met with silence. “I’m so sorry. I was angry. I'm sorry for saying that to you Lea. You’re right, I lied to you and I helped hurt you. You would have been better off dying.” 

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Taken from Chapter 7 of TOMEBOUND is this section where Prince Kimbel of Grackenwell walks with his king father among the wreckage of an island they've just conquered.

Quote:Six days after their initial siege of the island of Lime, the Grackenwelsh conquest of the Grand Archipelago was complete. Lime went down after a hard fight; two more islands fell over the next three nights and the rest would have followed, but word of total Archipelagian surrender came via a chain of smoke signals up from the southernmost island, shore by eleven more shores, all the way to the invaders' mobilized ships. The Garrotins and a pair of supply-bearing ships reversed course and returned to Lime, where the remnants of the island’s only village would serve as their headquarters until official terms could be negotiated with island elders.

Kimbel surveyed the wreckage with his father. Where houses had stood just a few days prior there were only embers and splinters. Wandering Archipelagians, each staring blankly at something far, far off on the horizon, at nothing, really, rummaged through the wreckage to collect their dead. King Bryn Garrotin wandered among the dying as though gardening. He wielded his mighty war hammer, Havokond, the most prized weapon in all the Stone Continent, perhaps the world; a devastating, bladed hammer, legend told that it was forged from steel and layers of alligator hide by the Bogman himself.