Blue Boxes - Yes or no? Alternatives?

Hello! I've been preparing for a LitRPG story I'll be launching next year and I had a question about Blue Boxes. Do you feel they are necessary for a LitRPG story? I'm hesitant to use them because I would like my story to be uniform across platforms. Meaning if I want to make an ebook as well as post on patreon or another site I want my readers to have the same experience. Since the boxes aren't uniformly supported, I worry about only setting them up for RR.

So do you feel I should still add them or use an alternative method? If you don't use blue boxes how do you differentiate from regular text and system text?

Re: Blue Boxes - Yes or no? Alternatives?

Honestly, I don't think many litrpg's have stat blocks complicated enough to need dedicated table layouts. Just doing something like:

HP: 50
MP: 89
STR: 58
MND: 69
SPD: 33

Titles: Super Awesome Character, MCMcMCFace,

Skills: Blah blah, Lorem Ipsum, Filler Text here,

Should cover everything needed by most litrpg's, and it'll be much more widely compatible. If you have something that's absolutely better displayed with more than two or three columns, then maybe consider using actual tables, otherwise, it's probably not worth the extra bother.

Regular text and system text can probably be guessed by context and/or a bit of description. I mean, how do we tell the difference between two characters talking? They're in different paragraphs, and their names are attached. Well, you could also put them in [], or center them as well, but yeah.