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Marcus Rhyne, son of Conrad and Sophia Rhyne, born in Mars orbit, now assistant engineer on the EMCT Enoch, a tank the size of a building, really just wants to do his job and make his money during his tour of duty but keeps getting wrapped up in combat, espionage, intrigue, and conspiracy. 

It's been a week, and he still hasn't had the time to fix the garbage disposal yet. 

Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist

What do you do, when your parents turn into terrorists, wanted by the only megacity on the planet? You settle in said city to fight ... bureaucracy in a peaceful way. Yeah ...
Wave is an experienced adventurer that spent most of her life in the outside world, a vast jungle surrounding Citadel City. The last eight years in the city made her numb and her only way to flee her daily life is the Arena, a full-body VR world, where she can show off her talents. She just needs someone to wake her up and use her talents to fight injustice in the real world again.

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Zach should have been a normal person, a nobody that melds in the faceless crowd. However, the Twilight World chose him. Armed with the ability to travel between our world and a carbon-copy of reality that only he can enter, he discovers a world full of magic and excitement. But his new world has a lot of surprises, especially for someone like him that doesn't even know how spells work.

Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist

"In a lot of ways, Snotlout is very much Spitelout's son," said Freda. Torben did not need to see her face to hear in her voice that she wanted to say more.

"One can hardly help but notice," he said when she didn't immediately continue.
"But," she added hesitantly. "In more subtle and quiet ways he is much more my son."
Torben turned his face toward the sun, the heat of it warming his skin though his world remained dark. "Even without my sight I could see that. Why else do you think I would encourage and allow his frequent visits here."

Description of Snotlout

Berries, Boars, and a Boy

Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist

Galactiquest has rotating MCs, so instead of explaining them all, I'll let them speak for themselves.

"Hi, I'm Leon! I just enlisted, so the new guy for now. Though I guess we're all new here since our ship is experimental. To be honest, I was just happy to go to space, but when I got the offer to go to Neptune, I couldn't pass it up for the world! Sure, no one's done it before, but everyone knows the IF is the safest military branch. We should be fine. And if I do die, I'll die living my dream. The only thing I love as much as space is meeting new people. I hope we can be friends!" 

"Hello. I'm Mia. I joined the IF so I could get off of the Moon. The pay doesn't hurt either. Sometimes I do maintenance, and uh, yeah. ...Excuse me, socializing isn't really my strong suit. It's probably better if you talk to someone else."

"Salutations, traveller! My name is Roxie~ I legally can not call myself the ship doctor, but was recruited for the job anyway.  I can, however, call myself the ship's self-appointed safety enforcer, wordsmith, and cutie-lifter. What is a cutie-lifter, you may ask? Ufuhuhu~ I am cursed to lift those afflicted with cutie-itis. Unfortunately, the ship is suffering an outbreak. Even worse, you're showing some symptoms. Go! Before I unleash. My true power...!"

"'Sup? Name's Jun. I'm like the ship's local geezer. Yep, the ripe old age of 27. The IF was guys only before I crashed the party, so to speak. Can you believe people still talk about that? Like, chill, it's so 5 years ago. Anyway, I came here to get away from that. If you need anything, talk to me, I won't bite. Next guy might. His name's Aiden, by the way."

"What do you want? My business? Too bad. But I will tell you that this whole operation is mad suspect. We're supposed to be "randomly selected," so how come half of us know Jun? Who in their right mind would send a crew of bottom-ranked rangers all the way to Neptune? Our captains just waltzed right outta high school, and don't even get me started on the fact that their old man's top brass. I dunno what it all means, but I feel like we're bein' set up. Always keep an eye out."

"Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Celestion-5! I'm s'posed to introduce myself as Lieutenant Captain Galhardo, but that's sooo formal. Just Emil's fine. Now, I know what you might be thinking. 'This kid's like 18, what is he doing being a lieutenant?' If we're bein' honest, I not quite sure. But don't worry! My big bro is fully qualified, which is important 'cause he drives the ship around. Me? I like having fun. And if I'm gonna have fun, so should everyone!" [wink]

"I am Captain Galhardo. It is my honor to be leading the first manned voyage to Neptune. Though I came into this position much younger than I anticipated, I aim to carry out my role with due diligence. My loyalty to and faith in the Interstellar Forces is unshakable thanks to my father. I expect the same from my crew. ...Why am I wearing a cape? Interesting question. Excuse my sudden leave, but I have duties to attend to."

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The self-proclaimed one of a kind unit, technically the truth Dynamo is the last of his line of machines. A bit overbearing and absorbed in himself at times, with years of experience under his belt he has the right to be so. A free spirit who remains kind to the ones surrounding him....or is it but a facade? Everyone has a second face and his is more apparent to the ones around his age.

Legs like trunks that can split an elephant's skull open ten times over, larger than the rest of his already small frame. A smile masks the weapons built into his core for his most centralized purpose. War.

Despite all of this, all of his actions and laughs one thing is accertain. His lips are tight.

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Reeve, a completely displaced Master War Mage who is unfrozen after the failure of his cryogenics unit in a completely different space and time. Magic doesn't exist and is unrecognized in his new reality, only high technology leads the way in developed societies.

Sociopathic, mildly psychotic, and murderous to a degree unseen in any bring but the Glor Murps on Sycon IV. He doesn't think like the rest of us. He doesn't tolerate like the rest of us. And unlike the rest of us, he is highly radioactive and lethal to anyone who come near him.

Good Luck Reeve, we don't wish you well. Actually, please die horribly. Red's rooting for it.

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Business Devil, World's mightiest, God of War, King of humanity

All of these are the titles of Lucas, the king standing at the Earth's apex.

Wealth? He holds 68% of Earth's total assets granting him the title of "Business Devil".

Authority? He was granted a level of Authority that no one can defy giving him the title of "World's mightiest".

Military? The first ever 9 Star General to exist, having an absurd count of military soldiers at his disposal. Granting him the title of "God of War". 

Martial arts prowess? Being the strongest human to ever exist, with a body tougher than the toughest minerals, a power stronger than the strongest bombs, and speed a hundred times faster than the speed of sound, and mastery over almost every martial arts there is, earning the title "King of Humanity".

However, behind these terrifying titles lies a young and incomplete king. Someone who feels a deep emptiness despite standing at the top.

One night, he was summoned by the Gods to be sent to another world. 

Hoping that he can do what he wasn't able to back on Earth, he went to another world armed with inhumane abilites. But, it looks like it won't be as simple as he thought...

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Two races dominate the earth: Humans and the Xen'tes. Va'eri is the only known hybrid between the two races as the mingling of the species was thought to be impossible due to the limitations of the Well of Souls.

Va'eri possesses the magical abilities of both humans and Xen'tes. Namely, the ability of the destroyers, a human ability to manipulate magic that is freely available in the world to alter or change external states. And the inherent ability of all Xen'tes to use magic to manipulate their own internal abilities.

Va'eri is torn between her two blood lines, but is revolted by both. Rampart distrust between Xen'tes and humans means she has no place in this world, yet she is the one to decide whether to save it, or let it fall.

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Of my main story Syche:

Just a normal dude in a world of people with superpowers. He thinks he's Batman but he's not rich, has no tools, and isn't particularly well trained. Kind of a jackass on the surface but that's mostly to hide some trauma. 

On my secondary story Reaper's Game:

Sarcastic person who speaks and identifies with pop culture and the works of other people in general to the point where they have no independent personality. So it's more character arc focused on just who they are really.