Fluttering in!

Hi hi!

I'm Emi! I've been seeing this place referenced a few times and decided to give it a try.

I'm your typical trans gal with big thoughts and plans. :p

I'm aiming to start posting my works here, including a story about a prince turned princess who is sent to hunt a witch, and another story about a group of magical girls in a modern setting where magic has suddenly started appearing.

Obviously lots of LGBT theming! :D

Re: Fluttering in!

Welcome, welcome! As a fellow LGBT-content writer, I'm always glad to see more people willing to take on such things in their own work! I do hope you'll find a lot of good friends and better readers here, and that the advice and companionship these forums offer can help you through whatever challenges may come your way.

Also, diggin' the profile picture. Da Vinci (Rider) is a cutie, though I have a marked preference for her Caster version. If you need any FGO friends for the NA version, well, just DM me, ok?  peoeyesparkle

Re: Fluttering in!

Welcome Emi,
The premise of your story sounds wonderful. I have often found myself wishing Disney had long since broached the boy turned heroine plotline, but alas, not yet. I'm still hopeful though, and optimistic. In the meantime I'll content myself with reading your delightful tale when it comes out. Please don't leave your adoring fanbase waiting for too long, as we expect great things from you. Please consider me a blossoming fan among what I'm sure will be many. Oh, and don't forget to write your heart out.