Review Swaps for Low-Follow Fics!

Simple and easy, I have a few spots open (about two or three) to do review swaps for fictions of ANY GENRE, with only a few stipulations:

1. I will read until I get a good feel for your work. That’s hard to quantify by chapters or word count, but I’ll try and read all of it if you have less than, say, 9-10 chapters.

2. Reviews must be genuine! I would not expect nor want you to just hand me stars! This needs to be honest, and an ADVANCED review!

3. Finally, this offer is only available for fictions with LESS THAN 100 FOLLOWERS! I want to ensure people with smaller followings get the advice and visibility they need, so no [big-shots] please!

To get us going, just comment below and I’ll DM you! 

Once slots are full, I’ll mention it! When they’re open again, I’ll mention that too!

Re: Review Swaps for Low-Follow Fics!

My fiction which you can find in my signature, Ascencion: The Coming Storm, is a fantasy action adventure with a VERY slow burn romance and a few funny moments. I know the biggest niche of RoyalRoad is something along the lines of Isekai or gameLit or something with anime/game mechanics. My fiction has nothing to do with games or anime. There's magic, monsters, demons, normal animals, humans, and human variants (subspecies). No elves, no dwarves, most monsters/demons are original with a few that are a bit more famous in media. (Chimera's for example)
It has 19 followers and 27 chapters if you include the prologue. Hopefully you'll get a good idea of what the story is like early on.

Re: Review Swaps for Low-Follow Fics!

A gist?? MMM, I don't expect you to get to the core gist of it. (Not to offend but here's why I say that.)For the simple fact, there are so many parts of it and how long it takes to get to the CORE gist. Because it is a mystery story. But if you wanna try just tell me and ill read as much as I can of your story and do an indepth review.

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Si-Fi

Warning: It is bloody and minor cursing with suggestions of torture.