It's SP00KY Month - SP00KY Stories Thread!


Welcome to October, everyone! I know that Horror is not often looked upon for Webnovels, and that it can often play a minor part even in fictions that it IS tagged with. So, my request is this: in honor of Samhain, of Halloween, and of all the goths and pagans and horror-lovers of the world, let's bring some fun and fresh HORROR FICTIONS to light!

Rules are Below, and they are Simple!

1. HORROR must be tagged in your story's front page!

2. The HORROR must somehow be a main or side-theme! Horror-Action, Horror-Drama, Horror-Comedy, Horror-Romance... Must Have HORROR!

3. If you are posting your own story, mention that! If you are posting someone ELSE'S story, link their page and shout them out!

4. Be Respectful!

5. Tell Us About It! Give us a small blurb, or even just CTRL+V the synopsis!

6. Have Fun!

So, let's kick this off, with... myself! Yes, I know, a bit cheesy, but what can I say? We need a first entry somehow! 

BAM! My story is Heartthrob, a Romance-Horror-Thriller! Here's the Synopsis!

Quote:Second-life can be Hell.

EJ, a young and dead secretary, struggles to find her place amidst the turmoil of an unforgiving dystopia. Romance, intrigue, strife, and the violence of modern life all take their toll on the ghoulish debutante as she tries her best to stay sane and safe. Tensions are high and climbing by the second within her home city of Vitus, and all she can do is try to stay afloat. Between finding peace with her own unlife and the attentions of the city's denizens, can she avoid being drowned in the rising tide?

A dark romantic thriller for mature audiences. Enjoy responsibly.

Updates come out on Fridays, at 7:00 PM CST, for that authentic nighttime feeling. 

And there it is! Now, let's see some more stories of horror and terror and all sorts of SP00KY stuff! I cannot wait to check them out to get into the seasonal spirit!

Re: It's SP00KY Month - SP00KY Stories Thread!

If short stories are acceptable, I wrote a short horror piece a while back titled Havershum Academy. The concept was sort of like, what if a magic/sci-fi boarding school story (think Harry Potter, X-Men, The Mysterious Benedict Society, etc.) went just... horribly horribly wrong.

I actually have frequent vivid nightmares, which I draw from a lot in my writing and this short story was directly pulled from a nightmare. So maybe it's more horrific to me because I lived through it (and at an accelerated pace). But maybe it is still enjoyable for what it is as a short story.

Re: It's SP00KY Month - SP00KY Stories Thread!

The world needs more horror in general, but definitely more horror webnovels and more Horror + Epic Fantasy mash-ups!

...My, what a smooth transition to let you know that I'm writing exactly that; an Epic Fantasy + Gothic Horror novel, inspired by the Soulsborne franchise.

The series is called "A Lament of Gods and Monsters" and it follows six Scions -- warrior-mages possessed by fragments of God -- fighting to gain back their freedom and unveil the mysteries surrounding their post-apocalyptic world, the one bleeding into it and the death of their seventh companion.

Updating daily; volume 1 "At the Fields of Fire and Blood" is already written and currently undergoing the last round of edits, which should be in two weeks, so I have a ton of buffer, in case you worry about those things!