Should I take a hiatus?

Basically I'm in school and am posting two different web novels. Before I was fine and could do two novels pretty simply, but two things have happened. My english teacher just recently revealed that we'll be having assignments once every week and a half. Granted its AP so I signed up for stuff like that, but I didn't think I would have this much trouble with scheduling. Hindsights one heck of a trouble maker, aint he.

Secondly, I just realized the problem with doing two novels at once. I had a pretty massive plot hole in my latest chapter so I had to schedule it back a week. However, that combined with my english class stuff and home problems is making it difficult to keep the train going.

Basically what I have planned is that once I finish the current arc with Tower of Redemption and then go on hiatus to create a backlog of at least 20 chapters or so. I'll continue posting Magicians Land stuff for once every two weeks like I've been doing since that doesn't do nearly as much damage as doing a once per week with all the other stuff on my plate. 

Once I have the twenty chapters down, which if I write at least two or more chapters every week it shouldn't take long, I'm going to come back and release the first ten chapters within one chapter a day to catch up on the missed weeks, then start going back to a chapter a week, but this time with a steady backlog. 

I want to know what y'all think about this plan. Will it work or will my story suffer too much with my absence. I want opinions cause I'm not too sure myself and am kind of in a mental rut right now designed by my own lack of self-control and lack of good decision making. 

Re: Should I take a hiatus?

It depends on if you're the sort of writer who can get things done without a deadline, or if you need deadlines in order to be productive. I personally could not take a hiatus without scheduling a firm return date, because I write to deadlines. Without a set day to write a chapter by, I'll get distracted and procrastinate and never finish. My 'build a backlog' month would become a 'write eight random chapter ones of new exciting projects and don't think about hiatus project' in a heartbeat.

Sometimes you need to say 'I will do this regardless' and carve out the time to make words happen regardless of the surrounding chaos.

Sometimes you need to step back, let it be, and focus on real life.

Only you can tell which sort of problem this is, how much you can push yourself, and how much you should. If you can't do it, don't feel you have to. If you can do it without pushing yourself too far, don't give up too easily.

Either answer is perfectly acceptable. You are the only one who can decide what you need to do.

Re: Should I take a hiatus?

One thing people don't really realize is how amazingly time-consuming writing as a hobby is. I mean, if you took all the time you've spent researching, writing, editing, re-writing, et. al, and swapped that out for knitting, you'd end up with a scarf the length of the Eiffel Tower. And it's still not done.
So yeah, I think there's nothing wrong with taking a break. You've done a lot, and no one can blame you for pausing. Plus, we do this for fun. It's not like writing and posting here is an official job. There's no shame or harm in stopping for a bit, especially if it gives you peace of mind.

Re: Should I take a hiatus?

If you go on hiatus it is true that you may lose some readers that don't want to wait, but you can always work on getting more readers once you start writing again. If you force yourself to write and become overworked, tired, stressed and so on, chances are pretty good your work will suffer from it. Putting out consistent garbage is just as likely or more likely to lose you all your readers, and you won't even be able to fix it later on without scrapping a lot of work and rewriting.