An Accountant’s Journey of Exploration: 0 to 5000 Views in a Few Months


I’m not sure how many are like me, but only three people in my everyday life know that I started writing in July. I’ve kept it a secret, as it is very personal to me. I see writing is a medium where we get to peek into some of the inner crevices of an author’s mind. It can be daunting to open yourself up, to show others some of your weak spots. It’s new and honestly a bit overwhelming and downright scary at times. With that said, I don't have anyone to really celebrate this 5k view milestone with, so here I am.
For context, my last creative writing exercise was about 20 years ago. I have essentially no training as a writer outside financial statements, memos, and corporate emails. I’m an accountant, for goodness’ sakes! What do I know about fantasy and world-building? But then, there’s this story that’s been bouncing around in my head since I was 17. It’s been a little whisper in the back of my brain telling me to write. I quickly ignored it back then. I had to go to college, get a job, start a family, etc. As the years passed and I explored and experienced the world more, the story’s voice only grew more insistent until I finally caved a few months ago. On July 13, 2021 I started my journey.
I don’t know if my story is good. I at least don’t think that it’s terrible. I wrote it largely for me to get this crazy story out of my head. It took me about 100k words, it’s still a hot mess, but it’s done and getting posted here, one chapter a day. The weird thing is, I already want to write the next book. My brain is awhirl thinking of how I can fit the following couple of books into the larger story. I thought I was letting off the pressure by writing, but instead, I feel like I scratched an itch. I think we all know what happens when you scratch an itch.... So now, the itch is back and is even more insistent.
Regardless, for those that read this far in the post, good on ya! I hope you have a fantastic day, week, and year. We all have our stories to tell, we’re all the heroes of our personal epics, so I hope I get a chance to experience your own worlds someday. Enjoy!

Re: An Accountant’s Journey of Exploration: 0 to 5000 Views in a Few Months

Huge congratulations! 5k views is an enormous amount, and I’m sure it’s only going to escalate! 

Writing is a huge undertaking, especially when you have few personal contacts you can truly keep informed. I, for one, am extremely proud of you - you’ve gotten this far. Don’t stop now! Keep up that great work, and I’ll see you at your 10k Celebration post as well!