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As for my favorite story, like the favorite work of fiction I've ever read, it's gotta be Higurashi or Umineko(the visual novels). The original ones, not the pesudo sequel that was made recently, 20 years later because the author wanted some $$.

What makes them stand out is the unreliable narration and the postmodernist meta perspective, as well as focus on human tragedy, trauma, paranoia, bullying. The author based these stories on real life events from the time he worked as social worker, and it was grounded in reality thanks to that.

Too bad for the past two decades his only job was writing fiction and shitposting on anonymous imageboards, and it shows too.

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Every other Fallout fan fiction I've seen is a retelling of the game where no effort is made to reach out beyond that, or 'I resurrected into a game' or godlike characters or sex scenes that read like soon to be exhibit a. Frankly if I'd have seen that beforehand I don't know that I would have written it in the first place, but it's 400,000 words too late for that now, and I am proud of the original setting, characters and plot I've painted, even if it was on someone else's canvas

So what makes it stand out is its dismissed as fan fiction and at the same time dismissed by fans! 

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What my stories do to stand out, I have no particular clue. I could say anything and many different people will be at my door saying that its either wholly original or trite copypasted garbage depended on how much they read and what they read. 

I'd say that Tower of Redemption is more unique in terms of what I have read over the past but with one search by typing Tower in the search bar you can see its not terribly unique. Heck, anyone reading my story should be able to tell about what one of my main insiprations was when coming up with the story. If you don't know, it's Tower of God, but I have, lets just say, a different approach to story telling, but the overall idea is nearly identical to Tower of God. Dude doesn't want to be alone so he climbs the tower. Along the way he meets friends and enemies that appear again and again throughout the story. The top of the tower holds a wonder so mysterious and game changing that murder is pretty common when climbing.

As for Magicians Land I took heavy inspiration with Re-Zero for it and not to mention its an isekai so how original is that. There is something that I'd say separates it from everything else, but I can't delve into that without going into heavy spoilers. I swear everytime I try to talk about this story I have to be careful about what I type cause I could end up spoiling a ton of the story with a single sentence. Which thats a topic in of itself, but thats not what we're talking about here. 

Overall I wouldn't call my stories terribly unique, but I do my best to have them stand out in their own way and again can't really go into much detail with why they're unique.

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JLCohen Wrote: What makes your story, or your favorite story, unique?
I believe my stories are unique because they're stories I wish I could read, but couldn't find. That makes them unique, right? Also, I don't edit and revise over and over, so the cadence and word choice of my stories are all me.  I have author voice, instead of most monotone fiction that's had theirs polished right out. Voice is probably one of the most unique thing about any piece of writing, and often it's erased by the author unintentionally.

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My stories stand out because they are unique takes on The Human Condition. In them, I explore topics such as morality, virtue and sin in a fun way, using a light-hearted anime approach.

My characters are ordinary people who are thrust into extraordinary situations, done so for them to discover that they are superheroes who can Save the World.

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For mine, I guess it's negative character progression and the lore? I don't know how well I executed these ideas, but I really enjoyed how I wrote (and broke) almost all my characters, their state of mind becoming worse and worse as the story and war progresses. Lore wise, I think it's with the unique naming? I tried to incorporate a unique magic system and setting, but I don't think it particularly stands out.