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O_Weaver Wrote: I wrote something once about a group of people stuck in a dungeon. I wrote 10 chapters, got to an actual combat sequence and then realized I'd forgotten to give any of them weapons... I don't think anyone would willingly go into a dungeon while unarmed so... yea... was re-write time.

No disrespect but that has to be the funniest thing I've heard yet.
Maybe the real weapons were the friends we made along the way.

Power of friendship, plot armor, and vague descriptions


But wait, one of my climaxes involves uniting communities with friendship! D:

I've not had much issue with plot holes recently, except for a story where I made an off hand mention to a cat... then proceeded to forget to include said cat. Glad I caught that on my revision.

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I'm sure I've had plot holes in earlier drafts of my story but it's a shame I don't remember because I tend to find plot holes quite funny. I think I've done well in avoiding any plot holes thus far here on RR, helped along by the fact that my plot isn't terribly complicated.

... Now, once I've finished writing my story, I'm going to take a few months away from it, then come back to it to reread it, and notice all of the terrible plot inconsistencies that I was horribly blind to.   DrakanSweat

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Gryphon10 Wrote: Is there a plot hole in your writing that is so bad that it destroys a lot of other things in your story. I just had to push back my latest chapter by a week cause as I was proofreading, I discovered a plot hole I accidentally put in and now have to rewrite nearly half of it and figure out what to replace it with. I just don't want to feel like I'm the only that has done this.
I'm not sure. No one has ever pointed out a plot hole to me before. I'm also very good at plugging leaks as they appear. I make it all up as I go. I'm a con artist on the keyboard. The better the con, the more plot holes are covered up (I assume.) And besides, what is a plot hole? Like how Frodo and Sam should have just jumped on an eagle's back and flew over Mount Doom in an afternoon?

But then I have some people say, "But the ring wraiths would have stopped them, so it's not a plot hole." And then I say, "But there's only nine, which leaves thousands of square miles of territory." And then they say, "But Sauron can see them with his eye!" And then I say, but they could just wait for a cloudy day, or make some clouds with the help of Gandalf. And on and on.

If someone likes your story, they will ignore plot holes. They will go to great lengths to cover your plot holes using story-based logic. If they don't like your story, a perfect plot will not stop them. They will find something, and they will let you know. So the trick, is to cover those leaks as they spring as best you can when you see them, but just keep moving.

Stories are complex organisms, and life is too short to pursue a perfect story, which, if by some miracle you pull it off, will, in the end, only be marginally better than your first try anyway.

I don't believe you can polish something into greatness. That core of the thing is what it is.

Re: Plot holes in your writing?

I haven't had any pointed out to me so far.

But now I'm nervous that I have some that haven't been pointed out...



Come to think of it, my story involves 5+ nations involved in constantly shifting conflict and subterfuge, with a history of several thousand years and multiple gods vying for control of the world...

If I ever get a plot hole pointed out to me, if it's small enough, I'll just edit it out. Now I'm curious to see if any are noticeable, because I noticed one once and wrote it out of my story. I don't THINK there are any more, but I suppose we'll see.