I'm back to posting this story publicly now that I'm officially free from Webnovel; it's gonna be here at RR, Tapas and my own website. Volume 1 is almost entirely done and undertaking some final revising, so I'll be posting 4 chapters a day during the month of October to get all of it published by Halloween and Volume 2 started in November, as I initially intended. RR and Tapas will have the chapters released throughout the day, while the website will have all 4 released at once the night before. There'll be a lot to binge-read, as it's gonna come about to 180~200k words!


In the wake of an apocalypse that left their world ruined, seven companions walked down into Hell to contract with its Archons, and died. Six crawled back up from their graves, their lives restored and the powers they sought granted to them. One did not. 

Now, the Scions are kept locked and isolated, their sole purpose to protect the city of Lothurst and its inhabitants. And, one day, to undertake the Pilgrimage, the mythical heroic journey through Heaven and Hell that will finally open the doors to Eden and grant humanity what it once sought and couldn’t grasp: eternal peace.

But, in their hearts and minds, rebellion is brewing. Kayla, Joshua, Sarah, Matthew, Vivien and Darren tire of their captivity and plot to gain back their freedom and find answers to the mysteries of their dying world, the one bleeding into it, and the unjust death of their friend.

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