Re: Underrated Genres/Genre-Mashups?

There could be more cozy stories.

Isekaing into a healthy, working relationship and working hard to finally do the cobbler's license. I can see it now... Xianxia shoemaking. I don't think I've ever read a story about a crafter exclusively making shoes. 

Another idea: cyberpunk, but instead of fighting and running and whatnot, it's a messed-up society where all the showdowns are in the form of kissing/cuddling-contests. 

I'm not sure which genre either of these would be. 

Re: Underrated Genres/Genre-Mashups?

Slice of life in combination with any kind of extreme worldbuilding that's completely different from our world. The daily life and small problems of young orcs, or the social struggle on a ship of grey aliens in deep space, or exploring the gastronomic possibilities in a post-apocalyptic dystopia with a stranger who just arrived there, or the things that happen in a djinn world when no-one will summon them, or the daily chores of living in a communal sect that might one day take over the world for Satan but for now the dishes need to be done, and stuff like that...