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Agreed. There's a lot of bleaker sci-fi and fantasy these days. Becky Chambers and Marie Brennan come up as obvious outliers in this. I love Brennan's The Memoirs of Lady Trent. It's so well-written, and everything about it is strikingly original. The ending of the fifth book feels a bit rushed, since it's not really in-line with what I would expect from the rest of the series, but even then it is by no means a weak book.

The best two books in the series, IMO, are three and four. Gosh I need to compile a reading list of good books I like and give them to my readers. 

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Romance and LitRPG. Not talking like, it's a LitRPG with some romance in it. I mean a romance novel with some LitRPG in it, where the system and the romance are connected. Maybe not even in a fantasy world, or zero fighting.

After searching for a few minutes, I've come up with a grand total of.... three, and none really fit 100%. I'm sure there's more, but come on, this has GOT to be a really untapped genre mashup.

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Zeepolian Wrote:
Haust Wrote: Yep. Star Trek is little BUT social commentary and it showed us a hopeful future. (Granted a hopeful future that came from people getting their shit together after the near apocalypse hit Earth but still.) As far as social commentary goes, pointing out all the dark crap is important, but we also live in a really depressing age full of doomsayers. Right now, what we need might not be more roadmaps for how to deal with the hypothetical darker future, but rather ideas for how to avoid that future all together. Right now I feel as if nearly all the future-themed stories I consume are really bleak and gritty and tbh I find it's really easy to get stuck in the whole "yeah Earth is fucked and there's no escape" mindset if I consume too much of that in fiction, y'know what I mean? I like solarpunk because it makes me feel it's at least theoretically possible to get over our dark, dumb nonsense and put something worthwhile together.
This is giving me the itch to crack open Hitchhiker's Guide again.

Truly a classic <3 

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Here's a few interesting mash-ups 

A fantasy thriller (normal human versus crazy cult who plans on taking over the town? mc versus hunting shapeshifter?)

Cyberpunk cozy mystery (spitballing: The apartment block has a murder that of course the police don't care about, because it's cyberpunk. Well the plucky widowed neighbour who stepped in to the victim's for tea at the weekends does care, and she's going to solve the case.) 

How about post apocalypse romance, where the setting is just the backdrop, and the drama is in the romance. Even better if it's a full on drama set in the wastes.

Actually speaking of, where are my fantasy dramas? I need to know what happens when the rogue finds out her warlock husband is sleeping around. 

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Hathnuz Wrote: Lovecraftian + slice of life + comedy

Check out "Resume with Monsters" by William Browning Spencer. 
Unpublished fantasy novelist tries to win back the love of his ex-girlfriend, while working a variety of soul-crushing jobs,  often for horrible nameless monolithic corporations, all the while contending with intrusions by the Old Ones. 
This is a book I found while browsing the library shelves.  It is one of the books I re-read every four or five years.  Come to think of it, I'm about due for another reading.  

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Romance and horror, something like Saya no Uta where things just get really wack. Fantasy and sci-fi together also isn’t really rare, but I do wish it was more common. Psychological stuff in general I wish was more common, but less along the lines of slice of life thoughts but more, like character deconstructions so to speak if that makes any sense? I don’t know quite how to phrase it...

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Fantasypunk Spaceopera!

I want to see magical ships sailing through the phlogiston, fleets of sail-waving starcraft swashbuckling with clever solutions, blast cannons, and gear-rigged stilletos led by a mighty cyborg king!
When was the last time you even HEARD of a magipunk swashbuckling tale of buccaneers, privateers, and pirates clashing among the stars for untold riches of ancient magical civilizations lost between the layers of Gas giants and protected by half-mecha Dragons and ancient curses!