What is your writing-buddy beverage?

Hello fellow humans,

A simple triple question. Do you drink while writing? If yes, what do you drink? 
Are you team-tea, team-coffee, team-soda? Let's make clans!

Personally, I have a thermos of herbal tea at hand because coffee is super-disgusting (what is wrong with you...) or a bottle of Pocari Sweat, for the sugar rush it provides!


If needed, for the fourth clan of alcohol drinkers: https://www.aa.org/

Re: What is your writing-buddy beverage?


A Wrote: I drink tea in the morning. I have a can of soda around lunch time, then it's supposed to be just water after that - for the most part i keep to it. But i'll cycle in apple cider or hot chocolate on cold days.
When you say apple cider, do you mean alcoholic or non-alcoholic? In my country when people say cider they only mean alcoholic. I only recently learned that it's not the same in every country, hence my confusion.