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Hi, this is my first attempt at profesional writing. I'm still learning. Anyway, this book is about Eddie and his troubles in a trash dump. It's a comedy with adventure, crafting, base building and action. If someone could take their time to read it and give me feedback that would be great! Thank you!

Down on his luck, Eddie decided to enter the VRMMORPG Chronicles Of Fantasy with hopes of becoming a powerful monster slaying, magic slinging, princess-loving player, but a round of thieves chucked him deep into the trash pit underneath Arindought. Without hope of getting out, or making a new character, he ventures forwards through piles of trash- literally. Join our paste-eating main character, a snarky but helpful system, and more than two dimensional side characters, as they explore and deal with problems within the game.
Spectacular magic? Over-sized breasts? “Onee-chan?” No, I’m sorry (Especially for the last bit). This is no drug fueled story about getting trapped in a video game with an evil AI or a cute bunny-girl harem isekai. It’s just about Eddie, his trash, and his journey in his first gaming venture. 

Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

Hello everyone,

This is my story--a portal fantasy (isekai) style tale of a girl who goes to a war-torn world and discovers she has magical powers. She can travel back and forth, and things get complicated when she realizes other people might be doing it as well.

It's meant to be a fun adventure with a wide cast of characters. Magic. Fighting. Dragons. Hopefully people enjoy.

Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

I've got a collection of about 230,000 words from mission logs of the two-year-long campaign I've DM'd. After a player's suggestion, I've decided to start re-writing them from scratch, prose-style.

Brief Synopsis: The Order of the Shining Blades is X-Files in the Forgotten Realms. The agents must spend their time investigating strange going-ons, collecting evidence and putting pieces together, before they're able to identify and finally defeat the true villain in every encounter. There will be strange creatures and stranger dangers. (And sometimes they learn the greatest terror of all lies within themselves...)

Take a look at my first chapter, and let me know what you think!


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Lord Nightfall should be crushing villagers with an iron fist. Instead that fist stuffs that lord's face with disgusting pizza rolls.
But buried in this shapeshifter's slovenly hide is a warrior who's been through hell in every sense. That warrior's gonna have to reawaken quick. Rivals, lackeys, arcade gaming, dungeon diving, spider infestations, village management, late nights getting drunk off rat's blood, monster hunting, darkworld dealings—Lord Nightfall will face it all with a devil's smile and a "fuck it" attitude.
...hey everyone, this is my first big shot at an RR serial! It takes a lot of inspiration from Disgaea and shonen battles/aesthetics, but it's also kinda laid-back. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.
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