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I’m just going to drop my favorite quote I’ve written for fish on a stick below.

||"Chip!" his father, Stone said, "Say hello to the girls, would you?"

"Hello, Stabitha," Chip waved to Stone's two swords, "Hi Slashley, you both look sharp this morning."

Stone guffawed as he place the swords one at a time, Stabitha first into their respective sheathes.

For months now, Stone had been telling the family to respect Stabitha, and honor Slashley, and Chip was one hundred percent certain that he'd been waiting for an opportunity. Any opportunity for someone to ask the retired mercenary, 'Why are they called Stabitha and Slashley?'. Chip was certain that Stone had a prepared remark just brewing at all times and he was not going to give his father the satisfaction, and as part of an unspoken agreement, the rest of the family had all silently gone along with it.

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Mana System is a story about Paul. The whole world goes to hell the weekend he decided to go camping. Now he has to survive an unknown wilderness, vicious animals, and monsters of all shapes just to make it back home.

After-Life, while on hiatus is a complete story. The story follows Chuck, he passes away and returns to the aether as an entity of pure energy, or simply put a god. A malevolent god tricks him and in order to save his newly created universe, he must send a tiny piece of his soul down to the planet to locate the evil god's influence. If this fragment fails, he will be forced to end his universe and begin anew.

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Gadgeteer: A Character-focused, Superhero Sci-fi, & Action Story

Hello! Do you have time to talk about superheroes? If so, let me just tell you about my story. The book down bellow on the signature is called Gadgeteer. It's a superhero tale inspired by what I like about the superhero medium with elements of sci-fi and action sprinkled in. The focus of this particular story is one unlucky Shindo East, the titular gadgeteer. After a set of unfortunate circumstances, this man sets out to become a hero, motivated by personal anger and the old reliable blackmail. This is the story of how he rose to heroism, a story of of how he always treads on thin ice, trying to adapt to a new environment and people while his personal demons haunt him.

However, do be advised that this story may not be for everyone. The intended audience is a more mature young-adult audience, since some chapters will contain certain topics and descriptions related to PTSD, Violent Language, and blood. Although I'm writing with the intent of keeping it PG-16 by not writing these topics in extreme detail, I do recognize that some people can be either offended or triggered by this. Please proceed at your own discretion.

After that, If you are still interested in my story, here is the link to it! I'll also leave the link to the book in my signature, just in case this first link doesn't work.

"On the night of July 29th of the year 2059, Vermillion Blue city was in mayhem. The Bastion of Heroism saw its most significant victory and defeat at the hands of one super-villain: Herttz. Ever since the night he publicly announced his retirement, The City and The Heroes' Operation Center (HOC) stood in a fragile line between order and chaos, and it has been like this for the next four years.

However, change is bound to happen, a change that will turn the city upside down. And it all started when Shindo East's actions in a hostage situation set a chain of events in motion that completely alters his entire life. Shindo is forced to take an undeniable offer, causing the gadgetsmith to take on the alias Wattz, his life starting anew as a hero."

Update schedule: I update one chapter per week, on Fridays.

What to expect from my story:

- 1 main protagonist: Shindo East is and will always be the main focus of the story. Even if there are other character Points of View, the story will always go back to him and his story.
- Action: The story is a Superhero story, so it will contain action and fight scenes.
- References to Superhero media: Most of the characters and gadgets in my story are based around superhero media, but these inspirations aren't limited to DC and Marvel.
- Secrets: All characters have their own weights to carry, including Shindo.
- Story arcs: The Main storyline will be divided by arcs, similar to how manga divides it's overarching story.
- Continuity: What happens will remain. Meaning, I will always use what came before to expand on the new while adding new elements, specially with foreshadowing and timeline consistency. I refuse to use timetravel or something even worse to reset the world of my story.
- Actions have consequences: All important actions in the story will have a consequence.
- Worldbuilding: since is a hero world, I will try my best to show you guys the world of my story and it's systems, in the hopes of adding to the story and the narrative.

What not to expect from my story:

- No Litrpg elements: I'm sorry to the fans of this genre, but this story is not a Litrpg story. It is a Superhero story with action and Sci-fi elements.
- No timetravel, multiversaltravel, timeline splits, etc: As much as I love stories and movies like "Back to the Future" and "Ocarina of time", writing any type of metaphysical traveling is hard and complicated. I will not be writing any of these element in my story.
- No OP characters without limits: I wholeheartedly refuse to write an OP character without giving them extensive limits to their powers. Fights in my story are determined not by the overwhelming strength of the character, but by their wits, their discipline, their experience, their versatility, their desicion-making and their luck.

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(Cover Image by JiiBee)
Logan Hall, a simple family man and office worker, was abducted from Earth and thrust into the fantastical world of Avanar. Lost deep in the wilderness, he quickly finds that fantasy is fraught with danger: fangs, claws, and magic.

Gifted with the power of the unique class, Spellthief, which allows him to absorb spells cast against him and cast them back at his foes, he swiftly learns to fight back, trampling his way into safer civilization.

Shunned by adventurers, who see spellcasters like him as poor party members, Logan finds few allies, but his progress does not go unnoticed. As he gathers the personal strength to fend off wolves and goblins, he also attracts the attention of evil magi, eager to steal his powers. While he scrambles to find a way back home, will he even muster the will to do so? Or will he be seduced by the power of magic?
Currently sitting at 25 Chapters, 343 pages, 94,379 words, with chapters having an average of 3,500~ words.
The fiction has several illustrations for combat and characters.
Legend of the Spellthief

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What you can expect:

 The year is 1329, and the Horns of the Apocalypse are about to sound.

In a small Scottish town, a young boy begins a journey from a carpenter's apprentice to one of the most powerful forces in the Host of the Heavens.

His Journey: A path of adversity lies before him, spanning from the Scottish Borders to the Spanish Reconquista, the Holy Land, and Realms beyond. 

His Ascension: An unceasing trial, where one misstep may condemn his soul. Our hero must discover a path of progress and conquest over mythical beasts, hordes of demons, and the other fell beings created by the System for the Tribulation of Mankind. 

His Tribulation: Will he live by the Words of God, be guided by his own intent, or will other forces claim him for their own ends?

His Fate: ...

Is yet to be determined.

Discover the wonder of the Tribulation Apocalypse in Chapter one of the Echoes of the Tribulation: an Historical Apocalypse LitRPG Series.

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The Awakening changed the face of reality itself. A cataclysm of dimensional proportions, the event unleashed all manner of demonic beasts upon the world of man and left humanity's scattered survivors trapped in an endless battle for survival.

That's a battle Council Academy all-star Seth Wright learned the hard way, barely surviving his first encounter with demonic entities. Now aware of the peril mankind faces, he's desperate to learn what he must to defeat them - but the only person willing to help him is veteran demon hunter Astral Daamon, and only so she can pursue her own investigation into corruption within the walls of the Council Academy.

But what they uncover together is far more terrifying than mere conspiracy - challenging everything Seth thought he knew about fighting demons. Beneath the foundations of the academy itself, an ancient and malevolent evil is stirring from its slumber - and unless Seth is willing to sacrifice what he believes could protect humanity  from annihilation, this demon will rise and devour everyone he cares about.

Seth is being forced to weigh the lives of his classmates against the fate of humanity. When the moment comes, will he make the right decision?

You can read Awakening: Prodigy here - updated every Monday & Friday

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Hello, Everybody, I'm here to present you my webnovel, the Arbolarbres Chronicles. Here is the synopsis:  (Book 1 Completed but under rewrite) 

A young arbolarbre (Treeman) called Oak Quercus must stop his carnivorous mad king (Xidor Cèdre) from sending his nation on the warpath, a war that would feed his gluttony for flesh and his sudden quest for immortality.

However, he will have to face opposition from his vegetarian country men with diverging opinions on how to stop the King's madness.

From the end of book 1 and onwards, it'll feature some elements of progression fantasy with a soul eating-mechanic. The Tree-man on the picutre is the MC's side Kick, Willow. The apple-man is a man from the Applers race which are the main enemies of the tree-men; they will appear later in the story.

What to expect from my story: 

1 main protagonist for the main story (Oak Quercus) but I might do some other stories with other main protagonist in the extended universe (ex: Untameable's Backstory, battle of Jericho etc.) 

Action: This is a fantasy fast-paced story so it will contain actions and battle scenes.

Philosophical, exteral and internal stakes, due to the culture war and its consequences.
Story arcs: the storyline will be divided into arcs that represent the main character and surrounding characters psychological evolution within the plot.

Continuity: I be the most consistent possible with the plot and foreshadowing, things will be hinted in the book at what happens next.

Reader-driven story: I'm ready to modify my story according to the readers and I'm ready to create some polls to orientate it.¸However, it will need to respect the plot and characters logic.

Actions have consequences: Every action will have consequences on the world and their surroundings. No reset/time loop.

Worldbuilding: There will be more worldbuilding in book 2 and the rest of the stories onwards, even though there was some in book 1. I will describe more of the story's history and how it linked to the current events.

OP character: The character will become OP over time but his powers will have some limitations and consequences on his psychology/behavior. 

What to not except from my story: 

No litrpg elements, this is not a litrpg rather a Tragedy Fantasy with some progression fantasy elements. I try to imitate the good old greek tragedies.

No time travel but some time skip and flashbacks: If we travel through time in this series, it will be through time skip and flashbacks, which will have an effect on the characters or your understanding of the characters.

Don't forget to check it out on: 

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The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE is a nostalgic trip back to the old days of superheroics. A short series inspired by the 1960s/70s superhero cartoons with the wacky plots and shoddy animation,  The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE takes place in Herald City, a metropolis protected by Blue Eagle and his sidekick, Switch the Blue Eaglet. Together, they defend the city from all sorts of threats, most of them the machinations of the evil Queen Venus.

While this is a short series that doesn't take itself too seriously, it's part of a much larger and much more ambitious project.

Hey, enjoy some art!

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Looking for something that's dark and gritty with a female protagonist? Check out Dishonor for you post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi fix. Highly character driven story that starts out in a prison, becomes an adventure story, and dabbles in romance. Full story is currently at 153,000 words (and is still in progress). This story gets weekly updates and is in the last arc of the story.  Updates Tuesdays at 10:15 Eastern US Time.

 I am Dishonored. I am the lowest caste in a city of honor. I live in a prison with only the promise of death. I am a mouth to feed in an overpopulated city that no one can leave.

The City was built by the wealthy to withstand a nuclear blast, and it did; leaving its citizens trapped within its twisted sanctuary. A classist honor system developed that ensured the wealthy maintained their place within the walls, and the less fortunate were held prisoner. Liv was born as one of the most honored citizens of the city; one of the noble class. After her father was executed for treason, she was striped of her honor, and without honor, she was nothing. Facing life in prison with the criminal scum of an overpopulated city that could care less if the lowest caste died, Liv is determined to regain her honor and former status. With nothing left to lose, she is willing to do anything to avenge her father and regain her honor.


Looking for something a bit shorter? Ghoster is a collection of short stories set in a sci-fi world where everyone lives with augmented reality built into their bodies. Each chapter is a standalone story written in third person past tense. (Currently 2 stories in Ghoster with more planned but not written yet). I am planning to write one of these stories as a novella for November. 

The virtual world is everything. With sensors, computer chip implants, contact lenses and an internet connection you can also live in the virtual world! Don't worry about how you don't look like a model. The virtual world can fix that. It can make it so that everyone sees you how you see yourself! With job leveling and virtual pets, everything is better in the virtual world! Come to an Insinc office today to get equipped to enter the virtual world.

Life Without Memory

With shorter chapters split into small volumes, "Life Without Memory" is more of a traditional web novel. The writing style itself is the experimental part of this work. With a first person present tense/second person style this story focuses in on the thoughts of the main character. In this story machine, mind, and something magical combine to make the MC an interesting read. Currently on hiatus while I finish up Dishonor (and write a novella for November). Will be back in December with new chapters. (Sci-fan story)

I don't remember who I am. I forgot. I don't feel pain. I don't have feelings. This is what I must do to live. It is my way. That is, until I killed a guard with my mind to save my cellmate, Nathan.

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The Children of Atlantis Series (In progress)

The earth as we know it is the second attempt at creation.   The first attempt was Atlantis.  Atlantis failed because Order wanted the creation to be a perfect well oiled machine.  Chaos wanted it to be free of shackles of consensual reality.  This war spilled out into the new version of reality.  The same enemy that fought so hard for chaos to reign is still trying to win his war.

Book 1 -  (Completed)

Enid had a terrible childhood, her mother died after trying to drown her.  Her father was an abusive alcoholic.  She tried to kill herself at age twelve.  Destiny had other plans.  By the time the story starts she is a twelve hundred year old vampire jaded with the world and still angry.  She is prone to violence.  She is sacrilegious, has little regard for the lives of other people.  Mariana is her adoptive sister, she is the opposite.  Kind hearted.  Devout follow of Christianity.  Together with Enid's daughter they must fight against the forces of Chaos to save reality.  The story will take you from the streets of Medieval Rome to the near future as Enid evades the forces of chaos the seem dead set on her death.

Book 2 - (In Progress)

Enid finds herself cast into the sea of time.  She starts with no way home beyond to relive thousands of years.  To make matters worse her vampiric abilities aren't stable.  She never knows one moment to the next if she will be a strange ageless mortal or vampire.  She has to contend with this and the fact the demons seem to have escaped hell of their own volition and are wrecking havoc across history.  While Enid struggles to find her way home her sister is trying to rescue her.  This story will jump around the time line from ancient Egypt to the distant future.

Amee Morris - (In Progress)

Amee Morris is an average teenage girl.  Well she was until a girl who looked just like her appeared.  Now she is changing in ways she couldn't imagine.  This is a shared world with my Children of Atlantis stories, but they are for the most part separate.

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"This story is not like most stories on this site."
"There are some really good action scenes in this story."
"The story is compelling, there are some nice twists, interesting roads that are walked."
"This story is a mountain, it will require effort to reach the top, but once there I'm certain that you'll enjoy the view."
"The story is still very fulfilling. It was a pleasant experience that I will remember for a long time to come."
- Review by TheShadowofZama

When two perfect strangers, Mary and Mirei, wake to find themselves unlikely passengers on a mysterious train with no memory of how they got there, they are greeted by a devilish figure. Aku, who calls himself a god and devil, informs them of their unfortunate fate: they must fight each other in a world of dreams, and overcome their own demons if they want to make it out alive.
dream;catcher is a sci-fi adventure, a psychological thriller, and a supernatural horror. 
What to expect
An emotional ride unlike anything on this site. A world of dreams eerier than Inception, with a sci-fi backdrop akin to The Matrix and Steins;Gate. A personal character drama, a story of tragedy, despair, hope, and growth.

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Do you want a story that focuses far more on quality rather than quantity?

Do you want a story dealing with more mature topics?

Do you want a story from an author that will never miss a scheduled update?

Do you enjoy seeing a persons subconscious being given a mental manifestation with a body and voice?

Do you enjoy character focused story telling with a strong narrative voice?

Then Even in Chains might be for you! link is in the description, and please read the blurb to find the content warnings!

It's a story about a girl on her journey towards recovery from her traumatic past. While it is a psychological drama and has a darker start, it is by no means a tragedy. Even if it's dark, there's always a hope that things can get better!

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Hello. I'll be promoting my story:
I think this is where I should be.
Synopsis :
Human life is beautiful when viewed from many points of view. Especially if you have found a hobby that can make us do everything, time will feel fleeting. But if I had been given a choice to protect humanity, the answer would not be for me. If someone else could, why should I do it?

In the end, time will show everything...
This is a story where humans strive to contradict each other. Here, the main character keeps watching while acting for personal interests that might affect someone close to him or even the world. That's why I brought the reverse Sekai theme because it's something I've always thought about for a long time. There was an incident that seemed normal, but without realizing it, it will affect power, money, or anything desired in worldly desires. In the end, those who can understand the situation will win everything, just like a quote from history and the future will be written by the winner no matter whether they are good or bad.
It tells about a person who has no purpose in life, even though he always thinks that everything he does must have meaning.
Whether to be an ordinary person or an important person, these things will lead to one goal, namely personal interest. Therefore, in this novel, we will see how to become a person who can balance it, whether love, wealth, and desire will always move humanity.
This novel will be very suitable if you like the Japanese light novel writing style.
I hope, it will be an interesting story.
I think this is where I should be. | Royal Road

here will be many things that will make you curious

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Below is my new header for THE BLACKGLOOM BOUNTY, Episode 1 in The Scythian Stone Saga - available now in chapter format at THE ROYAL ROAD (link below). If you're into semi-historical fantasy with lots of characters (human and otherwise) this may be the series for you. Magic, mysticism and mayhem abound in this fast paced Royal Road epic. Check it out today and leave a comment.

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I published two stories on this site. this one needs you to think, there are subtle foreshadowings and it follows a planned storyline. At 372 pages the story is only halfway through and there are 26 named characters already, all with their individual storylines and motivations. The chapters sometimes go to 4000 words of length, and some events and pieces of information presented aren't relevant until hundreds of pages later.

Genre: fantasy, tragedy, xianxia this one needs you to turn your brain off, it's a silly parody of popular genres set in a pathological world of post-soviet eastern block. There is no plot, and it's presented as a series of standalone short chapters which are temporarily disconnected from each other. It follows the perspective of criminal dumbass who thinks he's a xianxia mc and navigates life high and drunk 24/7.

Genre: Comedy, parody, xianxia

Yin and yang. Red pill and blue pill. 

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Heroes and villains, champions and traitors, a crazy old lady with a shoe, and so much more. Will Newbie, an adventurous kid in a tiny town, and his singer of a big sister, Elizabeth, wake up to find their entire world gone from under their feet. With nothing left to lose, these two embark on an adventure across the four kingdoms of the continent of Oracle, hellbent on doing everything they can to keep the world they love safe. They'll meet forgotten gods, royal pains, unimaginable Beasts, and the greatest of friends, right until the fate of the world and the ones they love rest on their success... or failure. Some will stop at nothing for a happy ending, for better or for worse.

I'm a new author, and I'm trying to pick up where I left off after a hiatus I didn't expect to take, so any support is appreciated! I hope you enjoy :)

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Descent is an Urban-Sci-Fi-Fantasy work that focuses on a pair of twins, Arty and Eli, who are on the run. Why? Who knows. The twins certainly don't. They will face multiple hardships and tribulations to escape from their grim reality. 

Descent would be updated monthly unless stated otherwise within the afternotes. So if you're interested, do check it out!

Encased below is the synopsis:


Arty and Eli lived normal lives. They excelled in academics and sports, being elected leaders in their respective clubs. Hiding their powers, they desired to live quiet lives, free from the politics that stuck closely to their family.

This illusion is shattered when they return to a home set ablaze. With men in black armour hunting them, they're forced to run. Their names were slandered in the streets, accused of crimes they never committed.

Cold. Afraid. Alone.

This is the story of a pair of twins, Arthur and Eliana Lane, as they make their Descent.

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