Hello one and all

Hey! My name is Nathanial, I'm 33 and live in Canada. 

I've wanted to put some of my writing up on a proper platform for ages, where it could get some traction. As Tumblr just doesn't work for that.  I write slowly as I have a full-time teaching job in an aboriginal middle school. I would love some solid and helpful critiques of my work. I'm rather new to critiquing but I can definitely try to give critiques in return! 

The main work that I have started uploading here is my novel, Unrepentant Hopes. I may put up some shorts from the same universe at some point. But the novel is the bread and butter. I've been world-building, writing, and para-role playing in this universe for 20 years now but have not sat myself down and forced the novels out. 

Unrepentant Hopes is a High Fantasy novel but deals with some heavy subjects (Traumatising content).
I'm wondering if I should have some warnings/triggers on the story's dashboard. Good idea? 

When I am not writing or teaching I play heavily modded Skyrim or am watching people play heavily modded Skyrim. I love metal of any and all kinds and find it the best to write to.

I'm really interested in Sci-Fi and Fantasy so if that applies to you then tell me about your work and I will try to read it this weekend when I am not lesson planning. 

Re: Hello one and all

Welcome! Life does tend to get in the way of writing, it can be frustrating. 😅 After twenty years playing in your fictional universe, you must have so many world building details down pat.

As for including the content warnings on the fiction page, it appears up with the tags, otherwise I think it's just author preference as to what they include in the blurb. If you do decide to include it, make sure it's after the two or three paragraphs intended to entice a reader, because there's only so much of the blurb that will show by default, and you want to make sure that is your hook.

Here's some RR tips & tricks; https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/111469

I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.

Re: Hello one and all

Welcome to Royal Road. Wow, that's lot of world building. Takes a lot of dedication to do that. Including a link to your story in your signature will help people find it. Cinn's guide tells how to set that up. Being active in the Forums and commenting on stories you read are great ways to interact with the community. You can look in to review and comment swaps in the Reviewing section of the Forums to get the feedback you're looking for. I think you'll find Royal Road a great place to share your work and I hope you accomplish everything you want to here. Good luck.

If you enjoy sci-fi, I highly recommend Cinn's novel Endeavor. Very character driven with a well thought out plot. Has elements of Star Trek, but done is a very unique way. While I'm at it, I'll also offer up my novel Myscreth. It's sci-fi with a strong fantasy feel where "magic" is the ability to manipulate scientific laws. 

Re: Hello one and all

Welcome to RR! I hope you enjoy writing here! 

I would say if you have potentially traumatising content, put it in the tags like Cinn suggested.

I'm a sci-fi and fantasy writer too! Like you, one of my novels deals with some potentially traumatising topics and I had to put some trigger warnings (and content warnings) in!