Should I repost my first book?

So I'm getting close to achieving the dream. I'm on my final edit before moving onto amazon. 

I've hired a professional editor for developmental and line editing, as I beleive these are the most important aspects of story. Unfortunately, this means I do not have the budget for a proofreader and my own attempts to hunt down every single typo rarely go too well.

This is making me ponder the pros and cons of reposting my story here as well as how to go about it.

Any feedback on this idea would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Should I repost my first book?

You definitely could do that, and crowd-source the proofreading. Put an author's note at the start of every chapter that you're looking for help proofreading for the published book version, and you really want all typos found. I wouldn't expect this to be perfect though.

If you tell me how long it is and what timeframe you're looking at, I might be able to do free proofreading. I'm just one person though (albeit nitpicky and thorough which is great for this sort of thing).

For a suggestion to do the proofreading yourself, I suggest having Microsoft Word read aloud from a word document or Edge from a PDF. The machine will pronounce things weird while it reads aloud to you, and that can greatly help with proofreading.

Re: Should I repost my first book?

Hi Jon,
I'm reminded that Hollywood has a penchant for re-releasing all manner of film with the most minute and undetectable variances, perhaps an additional thirty seconds of deleted scenes or a director's commentary. In more recent memory, I've seen this trend escalate to the literary realm wherein authors have begun adopting the same practice. And if they should get away with it, why not you?