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Acusiont Wrote:
Hi_Im_Ren Wrote: Ababababa this thread is really going crazy, I'm definitely going to have my work cut out for me XD
You should've learned from the duck's mistake!

On a (semi?)related note, I'd appreciate you taking a look at my story whenever you get through some of the craziness.
Mwahaha, I don't learn from anybody's mistakes, not even my own! Eh, this craziness is fine, it's actually really fun, I can see why the duck does it.

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Like a moth to a flame... Or a human to something free in this case. I am happy to snatch a free review if you're willing. here's the link
And I'm not good with bios of my story (even my synopsis isn't the best), but I'll give it a shot. It's about a dude who dies and goes to another world... See, it's just so simple since it's a slice of life. Maybe I should mention the future cat-boy fascist or the world. Nah, not important for now.

Also it's a comedy

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I'd love to add Cry Wolfe and Descent to that list! 

Cry Wolfe is a mystery thriller ish short story that... Well, I'll leave that as a mystery.

Descent, on the other hand, is a Urban-Sci-Fi-Fantasy work on a pair of twins, forced to run away from mysterious forces. The story is currently going very slowly, as I'm currently serving in the army, but it has enough for an initial read.

Anyways, I'll be off. Cya.

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i'm always excited when new people read my book!
it may be a weird style to you, but please take a look
at the very least it's something different (it's a song)
ten thousand words should get you ten-ish chapters along

though it is a novel, it is told in verse and rhyme
so i'd understand if you don't think it's worth your time
please don't feel obliged to read it if it doesnt click
i'm sure you'll know if you like it or not pretty quick

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CookieCrumble Wrote: Yeah I know that feeling; sometimes I just want to write the story managed to impressed upon me instead being constricted with the advanced swap's rule. Have you read fknmz's reviews? They're very inspiring; very well-written.

Anyway, I won't refuse a free review offer. My story is in my signature if you have the time :)
Asviloka Wrote: If you'd like, you're welcome to read one of mine. They are all very different, so take your pick.

Zu Mari is... experimental. The chapters are much shorter and it's very fast paced. OP(?) Cultivator with time loops.

ReIgnite is more of a standard fantasy, girl in a magic academy with a dragon, teen drama and stuff.

Bloodshard is an alternate-fantasy story centering around a commoner who suddenly gains access to magic and infiltrates the nobility to investigate a murder.

Trickster's Luck is a litrpg about a girl who wakes up 300 years in the future, having been uploaded to the omnipresent virtual reality where people live in games. Slow paced in-game adventure.

But if none of them appeals to you, I'm not in such desperate need of reviews that I'd ask you to force your way through regardless. There are others who need exposure far more than I do. :) Thank you for doing this, it's always good for there to be more reviews out there, both for writers and for readers.
Avitue Wrote: Try mine when you got time. ;)
MarcieTheVillain Wrote: I’d never say no to a free review, and especially not from a more experienced forum-goer!

My book (in my signature, sorry - I’m on mobile!) is called Heartthrob, and it is about a young woman who dies only to be resurrected (not reborn, it’s not an isekai) as a member of the undead. Despite this, she’s still condemned to live a modern life in a dystopian world with all its trappings and terrors, while contending with her own undead nature and the cravings it brings. It’s a romance, a horror, a tragedy… a sci-fi, a thriller, a fantasy. It’s a book about a lot of things and most of them are hungry. I’d really appreciate even the most rudimentary of reviews, and would love to hear back from you if you like it!
Done, done, done and done!


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Jonsoon Wrote: Thank you for the review! The fact that you're doing this for free is amazing! XD Ty for pointing out the strangling and the 'facts', now that you mention it, I can see I write that way too much loool
You're welcome! But, the fact that, you used "the fact that" right after I warned you about using "the fact that" makes me want to go strangle a shovel.

Just having some fun :P
Anyway, highly recommend reading "the elements of style" it's a tiny book that's like 80 pages that contains a whole bunch of random writing wisdom. 

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I think we all respect the duck Dr. Buller. He gave a nice review for my story, he particularly liked the naming I did, maybe you will too. It's a fantasy adventure story, no gaming elements. Has demons, monsters, animals, monsters, people, and subspecies of humans called variants that have some monster/animalistic quality to them and carry those traits.
Ascension: The Coming Storm. You can find the link in my signature. Hope you enjoy. And yes writing advanced reviews suck.

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Thank you for offering this  - I'd be happy to get a review. 
My book is a thriller with subtle supernatural elements, and of course there's romance too. It takes place in Japan.

Diaries of a Fighter
A troubled, wanna-be professional MMA fighter ventures into the dark and occasionally bizarre world of Japanese fighting organisations to become the best fighter in the world. He encounters love, hate, brutality, some suspicious, other-worldly beings and is faced with hard decisions. The life of a fighter is certainly not an easy one, but then again, nothing worth fighting for is easy.