Re: Another 0.5 bomb. They really like bombs!

To get a 0.5 rating would mean you just typed "P00p" on the screen for the entire word count. Seems excessive. But the internet works like that. People don't really have a scale beyond "I like this. That means it's perfect." and "I don't like this. That means it's complete shit". Most people are trained to only view things in these extremes. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Re: Another 0.5 bomb. They really like bombs!


DrunkMinstrel Wrote: I got two 0.5 rating bombs within a day.

At this time, I've had enough of them I don't really have anything to say.

Although it's fine with me, I hope those who have the time to be trolls, please do not bomb other fledgling writers. If you really think 0.5 is a correct rating, please do a review.
Eh, it happens, not the first nor the last time it is gonna happen. When I began release of my new book, got a 0.5 pretty much instantly. Funny enough, got two high ratings afterwards. I think the whole problem is that 0.5 has far too much weight to it. If that weight is decreased, it would in turn lower the amount giving it out. It is actually pretty ridiculous for two high ratings to mean much less than one bad one.

Since if you divide it correctly, based on the stars.

.5 = 1

1 = 2

1. 5 = 3

2 = 4

2.5 = 5

3 = 6

3.5 = 7

4 = 8

4.5 = 9

5 = 10

Mathematically, it doesn’t really make sense. For certain, the weight of each star would be doubled to reflect x/10. However, even when doubled, it should not amount to such a heavy hit. Two high ratings should still supersede one bad one. Though, how the system is set up, it is about 5x more positive ratings is required to offset one negative one, which doesn’t make sense. 

Anyway, don’t worry about it. No point in getting bent outta shape about this.

Re: Another 0.5 bomb. They really like bombs!


DrunkMinstrel Wrote: Well. In my case since i have already have a decent following, it doesn't affect me much. However it will discourage most new writers i think
If they are a troll, that would be the point of it. That or if they give out 0.5, to try and help either their own story or another author. There are multiple reasons, can even be a combination for all we know. It can also be that they dislike it, there are users who just use a like or dislike. So, an all or nothing. Not how the rating system was designed, but nothing can be done about this, unless it is scrapped for a like or dislike button.