Re: How often do you post new chapters? And why?

I upload once a week (or try to, anyway). I have heard that if you want readers to notice you and for your readership to grow, uploading more frequently is a better idea. As it is right now, I am both unable to upload more frequently (I have other books I am writing concurrently) and not as interested in the numbers for the time being. Also, I add my own illustrations to my chapters when I can, and those also take some time to make.

Your upload schedule actually seems really frequent, and I don't imagine that that can be considered too slow!

Re: How often do you post new chapters? And why?


JLCohen Wrote: Hello, everyone!

I just decided on a firm update-schedule for my story (link in signature). Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
It's honestly the best I can do since I'm not terribly ahead from the point I started writing this story.
I do have about 100k of words to use further down the timeline though--thank goodness!
I can probably update more frequently once I reach that point. I wish I had the time/energy to do daily updates, but my job, commute, and home life simply don't allow that. I'm so exhausted so often, and my weekends are all about cleaning and getting ahead of the following week.

I'm curious, how often do you post new chapters and why that level of frequency?
Let me know!
I start with a spurt of 20 chapters in one week, followed by one chapter every weekday since, with occassional bonus chapters on saturdays.

I judged that to be the best schedule for me to both keep readers happy and also to accumulate a backlog for patrons, since I average 2 chapters a day writing-wise.

Average 1.6k words per chapter.

Re: How often do you post new chapters? And why?

Once per week, as the current schedule dictates. I'm splitting my attention between 3 works currently, two of which I don't plan on posting online, so Stormfront is left as the runt of the litter. This is my relaxation story, the one I write when I don't want to think about the other two. It might not get me many followers, but the plan is to just trudge ahead and see where the story goes.

Re: How often do you post new chapters? And why?

I often post once per week and try to aim for sometimes during the weekend. This is due to the fact that I'm a broke intern (haha), a bit of a perfectionist, and I also care about the quality of my work even though I am nowhere near being an amazing writer;; It seems that my readers also have an easier time in catching up with my chapters this way too since I do tend to write a bit long (2600-3000 words). Just so happens to work well with them so far.