🎵 I just made a masterpiece 🍕

i just made a masterpiece, a priceless work of art
i wish i didn't have to break the awesome thing apart
home made pizza really is the best that you can get
even though i ate too much, i'm feeling no regret

today i made three small ones, one did have a few veggies
but the other two were mainly pineapple and cheese
bacon and some onions helped, and they earned some respect
any recommended toppings, for my next project?


Re: 🎵 I just made a masterpiece 🍕

I of course am the odd one out. I buy a traditional, sort of cheapie meat pizza and then pile on a ton of fresh veggies and extra cheese and oregano. Also, as had been said, ham and pineapple make a great topping, as does chicken with thai sauce or barbeque sauce and some onions. Shrimp and cocktail sauce works too, with some spring lettuce soaked in vinegrette.

Then I bake it on a stone. It turns out quite yummy and gooey and fun.

Re: 🎵 I just made a masterpiece 🍕

today i learned anchovies and sardines are not the same
i always thought each country just assigned them their own name
Mad Sadie Wrote: If I had the time to make a proper pizza every time I wanted one, I'd never order one
'lucky' for me, i live in the mountains far a way
i'd have to pick it up myself, that takes half a day xD
tfisb Wrote: thai chicken (seriously, you can thank me later)
by the way, thai chicken sounds divine, i'll try that out
glad to see so many know what pizza is about

Re: 🎵 I just made a masterpiece 🍕

Ahh, pizza! doing your own is always the way!

Pizza, I only do my own. Wood-fired oven too.

My usual combinations when cooking for the family (listed in order of assembly): 

1. Tomato paste base, Ham, mushroom, tasty(cheddar) and Mozzarella 
2. Tomato paste base, Teriyaki chicken, red onion, tasty(cheddar) and Mozzarella (sometimes mushroom too)
3. Tomato paste base, fried seasoned minced beef, red onion, mushrooms, tasty(cheddar) and Mozzarella
4. Fried garlic and onion oil, prawns, red onion, asparagus, mushrooms, and tasty(cheddar) and Mozzarella

There are a couple more, I just need to think harder.  

Speaking of mountains, I miss living in the mountains, could not get enough of it. 🤣