A very typical xianxia story, nothing original here lads

You see this wolfgirl in my signature, on the cover of the novel I'm promoting now?
She always wanted to be a cultivator. No, not a farmer. A soul cultivator, like honing your inner magical life energy, and eventually becoming immortal and ascending to heaven.

There was a problem with this ambition though- you see, as the ears on her head gently suggest, she was born part wolf! And as we all know from the Bible, animals have no souls.

But her fate changed one day when she found a very cool amulet that allowed her to kinda..uhh..produce a makeshift magical nervous system within herself and cultivate...resentful energy...just like the other magicians in the story...usually don't.
But no worries, this is all she ever wanted to do, so she's super happy and now traveling southwards to reunite with her family of...outcasted devil cultivators, yes. 

There is also a major political conspiracy plot ongoing in the background, explored from the pov of multiple side characters.