I'm writing a series, so far I have the first book finished on here, in the process of uploading book 2

Dark Fantasy, Grimdark, New Adult, Slice of Life, Contemporary-ish, Supernatural, Vampire, Werewolf, Fiction

Just to get it out there now - The books are long, the first one does seem to be too dark for some in the beginning - I'm stressing the Mature part here. 
There are difficult abusive scenes but if those are just pushed past I promise there is actual story - (From some private reviews I've gotten, they've made it seem that I've written straight out rape porn, that is not what it is, sorry) 

It is, however, a story about sisters overcoming obstacles in their paths after becoming different species they never thought were real. Ones they'd enjoyed as fiction and wished were reality, but never would have thought in a million years were very true and twice as deadly.  

How does one cope with the knowledge they've become a monster and are no longer human? 
That they can no longer do some of they things they used to? 
That their humanity and souls may be forgotten or damned?

They embrace it of course. 
While Kie and Faline mourn some things, being a 'Monster' isn't as bad to them as it would be to others. Coming from a dark past, even before their Changes, they both take something from the experience and make it their own. Neither are exactly 'normal' to begin with, so why should they react normally? The next trick is just surviving

Book 1; Shy Walking Shadows

Kierra isn't your typical 'thin, fit, beautiful, and gentle' heroine. She's a big girl with a bitchy, brash attitude, and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. She isn't perfect and has no wish to be.

Faline is small, the softer side of the sibling coin, but no less tenacious. A carefree spirit who on many an occasion has to corral her sister before things get out of hand, she has a sharp mind colored in whimsy. A woman with a taste for life and becomes drunk with its possibilities.

A fated meeting with a mysterious yet handsome friend becomes Faline's personal hell when Vampire fangs are bared.
A chance encounter leaves Kierra fighting for her life when she's taken down by an insane Werewolf and left for dead.

The search for a lost sister has never been more perilous. A strange new supernatural world awaits them both as they meet fascinating new allies, make terrible enemies, and uncover hidden and buried secrets.
A Blood Moon is just over the horizon, and shy walking shadows won't stay shrouded forever. 


Book 2; Lost in the Shadows

Kierra finds herself nose deep in supernatural affairs while Faline delves into the underbelly of the underworld, both once more getting themselves into deep trouble.

While Kierra tackles with commitments she probably shouldn't have made, Faline deals with problems that are dropped into her lap. They'd both made a choice though, they could have turned away, but they chose to go deeper into that rabbit hole.

New perils find the sisters as they make their way through yet again more unknown territory as well as new people. Who is friend and foe? Who will leave and who will stay? A Blood Moon is rising, and those lost in the shadows will soon be revealed.


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