Used a grammar editor to make my story better. It is perfect now.

So, for my latest short story I decided to send it through Scribens to see if I made any obvious mistakes. Turns out, I had an it's where it should have been its. Cool. That's fixed now.
Then I thought... What would happen if I just accepted every single change it told me to make? Because clearly a grammar AI knows what's best, right?
So I accepted all the changes, then sent it through Hemingwayapp, then went back and forth like five times, until both sites declared my work to be PERFECT.
I present to you: Squirrel Uprising (But Better)

Quote:“In consequence at that place, I was. Questing to follow Grandma’s cat out of a freaking tree and are you listening?”
“Are you sure? Because it looks like you’re having a conversation on your phone.”
“No, yes, I’m paying attention.”
“Keep going.”
“Okay, so there I was, trying to follow Grandma’s cat out of a tree. .Wouldn’t you it, a squirrel wearing armor runs out onto the branch I was leaning on?”
“I’m like,‘well, that’s something you don’t mark every day.’. And then the little gremlin pulled out one of those pink plastic cocktail swords. The ones used to establish cherries in drinks?”
“Yep, and he thrust me with it.”
“It didn’t hurt too bad, since how much strength can a squirrel have, am I right?”
“Her, yes.”
“Expert anyways, on that occasion it starts producing me this significant speech. In English. .About how humanity is at an end and how the squirrel uprising has begun.”
“Expert", clear Grandma’s cat survives an unknown agent who works against the squirrels. And they’d been trying capturing her for the initial year or so, so that their base plans could come to maturity.”
“I know, right? And this fit time we thought that Grandma’s cat would persist in staying a fat lazy calico. Turns out she speaks English, too, and described the squirrel that its days numbered. At that time she jumped onto the branch that I was leaning on, the same one with the squirrel. And wouldn’t you prove it but the excess weight made the branch break?”
“Absolute", it broke! Sent all three of us to the ground, where a dozen more squirrels surrounded us and hog-tied us!”
“Yep." They gripped us out into the woods, close to town. Where they have their own squirrel town made out of sticks and branches. .It was the comparative frigid, not goons' lie.”
“Affirmative, they’ve got this whole medieval setup thing going on." with storehouses full of nuts. And farms with beetles in them, and of course they’re all wearing clothes made out of leaves.”
“As one would expect.”
“Well, cool as it was, where they took me and Grandma’s cat was like a gladiator arena. I was thinking they might have some feral dogs or something to ingest us... .If we are ashamed of scheming against the squirrel nation.”
“As you can imagine," I was trying pretty hard to get out of my ropes, which weren’t rope so much as cord? They stole it from some hardware store or construction site or something.”
“I’m content that you agree. But they didn’t like my struggling and advised me to purge it out or else they’d stab their cocktail swords up my nose. I stopped, and that’s when Grandma’s cat started yammering about how she consists of a tracker implanted in her. Getting captured was part of her master plan all along.”
“NO"! You haven’t been paying attention at all!”
“What, yes I have!”
“Sure, and you believe I was kidnapped by a group of squirrels?”
“Wait, what?”
“I’ve been announcing you about how I am captured by a group of militant squirrels! Which gain how I know you haven’t been paying attention!”
“Sorry!Sorry, I…”
“I live on" bare talking to… no one important. What happened to Grandma’s cat? I’ll pay attention now and swear.”
“No" one important? Oh?”
“Yep"! Not talking to a lovely guy named Ian that I met yesterday.”
“Grandmother’s cat is thin." She climbed into a tree, and I persuaded her out. A neighbor's kid has received a tattoo on my back. Now who is this Ian?”
a guy…”
“Advise me." You urge my enough attention.”
The moral of the story: Grammar AI's are good for what they do, but for the love of all that's holy don't accept their changes blindly.

Re: Used a grammar editor to make my story better. It is perfect now.

Reminds me of a sci-fi short story I read long ago. A man invented a machine that would write anything. All you had to do was input the topic, length and other such parameters. It wasn't long until his machine was writing everything leaving the few authors who insisted on writing their own work struggling to survive. Based on your experience, we're safe (at least for now).