So What is Everyone Up To?

Slow day on my end, spent the last two hours doing trig. Fortunately, the section I am on is easier than the last. The previous day, went through four pages trying to figure out what I did wrong for a single question on the last section. Other than that, new book in release, and just a really slow day. Probably one of those times to kick back and relax.

What about you lot? 🐕

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Eldria Wrote: Well five hours somehow just breezed past me and now I sit here with four new chapters so, I guess I just wrote up a storm and I am very happy about it.
At least you finished four chapters. Myself on the other hand, five more parts before I finish rewriting the chapter I am on. Which it stands on 12,580 words. I expect this chapter to be about 20k words by the end. Been on this one for two weeks I think? 😐

Well, getting to the end of it bit by bit.

Re: So What is Everyone Up To?

Drafted 2K words today. Words that required very heavy research. Research that shouldn't have been nearly as hard as it was to gather.

We're still going to go and see if we can finish drafting this chapter. We're at 3K words right now, and we feel like there's going to be at least 1K more to go before we're done. Sadly those 1K words will also require a lot more research.

Re: So What is Everyone Up To?

Right now, just waiting around for the next half hour since I have plans to watch some shows with friends at that time. Been writing the first draft of a side story in my spare time, gonna get to the actual editing I need to do for my main story later tonight. In the meantime, I'm thinking I'll plan out some stuff for D&D character options since my friends and I will be starting a new campaign soon.