Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 11/09

A snippet from my rewritten chapter 19 of the Arbolarbres Chronicles, Conflict in Skyhigh. The Untameable is one of the main characters of the Story, he's a professional assasin.

The Untameable crossed the threshold of the door and waited patiently for the guards to raise the portcullis. * Crink, Crink *. Under a low, cloudy sky, he walked through the cobbled stone streets of this part of town.

On his way, he stopped to give a few coins to many orphans who begged for change and clothes, their bodies shivering and their noses running in the cold breeze of that spring day. Moved, he smiled at the orphans, the demons of his troubled childhood resurfacing. No one helped the street orphans, not even the bandits and criminals who exploited them like the guild master of the Icarius guild had done with him. Now he was free, but he had paid dearly for his freedom.