Re: What is the y'all's opinions of flashbacks.

Flashbacks are great in visual median I find - like comics, manga, anime, movies etc. 

Flashbacks are harder to get into when written, personally. Some writers can't transition between current events and Flashbacks very well. Some writers span a whole chapter (sometimes more) on Flashbacks. 

Like many of the previous posters said - if you can do it well - I'd read multiple chapters that are Flashbacks. 

Personally, I have a love and hate relationship with Flashbacks. I find that Flashbacks are best used in bite size pieces. 

Most of the time, when I want to hint at my characters past - I do place trigger points. If they walked by a park, they have a "flash" of memories of that park. If they eat something, see something, feel something, and if it correlates to a strong emotion - I show case it. But it spans for like a couple sentences - a paragraph at most. 

Flashbacks are great when you want to tell the past to connect all the current plot points. 

But with many literary device, you must be able to utilize it well to have it be received well. 

Re: What is the y'all's opinions of flashbacks.

I've got a character who's started having flashbacks.

Most recently they saw a swimming pool and had to close their eyes and take a deep breath for the visual hallucination to go away.

Had another character who trailed off in the middle of talking, just staring off into space, with a muscle spasm in his cheek while he kept opening and closing his hands. He jumped when someone touched him and said he just zoned out for a second.

OH! You mean STORY flashbacks.

I use them here and there. Mostly I label the chapter "HISTORICAL ARCHIVE" or "REWIND", to cover events that I missed earlier or that couldn't be revealed prior in the story without giving away major plot points.

Used correctly, flashbacks are powerful tools that can really add flavor and life to the story.

Used poorly, they're terrible.