I want to gush about my stories, feel free to do the same!

First project is my original one; The Light Above The Sea

 but I'm dedicated to making it the best that I can so here we go;

 Ciel is in their late teens/early twenties and is non-binary. It's been years since the house fire that took their mother from them. One night they miss their bus and find their way back to the charred husk of their home. Just behind it is the abandoned trainyard that's rumored to be haunted. During their walk down memory lane, Ciel ends up wandering the trainyard and following the tracks under the ground to a strange and bizarre land where the sky has been replaced by a sea of light. Ciel finds their own powers of light and dark inside of them and begins their journey to the center of a forest as deep as the oceans. Following after the children of light, a phantom dog, a displaced dryad and the darkness of the Wraith who's hell-bent on destroying everything within the forest.

This story isn't on here yet, but I've been thinking about posting one of the former drafts. Since they're so different. Both Alpha and Beta drafts are available on my patreon but I'm kinda proud of how much work I've already done. 

Story 2; Snow White and The Golden Apples

 This one is on here! Look! It's below! I made the cover myself. Can you tell? I can tell. I'm thinking about getting an animatic done for this one but I haven't gotten to it yet. This is one of my fanfictions from my leather bound journals. I like leather bound journals and figured I'd repurpose the stories in them into something for here. Though it started as a Disney fanfic, it really went off the rails. It also has art for it!

  Seren grew up unknown and unwanted. Their mother was a Queen that gave them rags to wear and forced them to work. When a prince shows interest in marrying Seren, the Queen takes them out to the forest to have them killed. A sympathetic hunter takes Seren home to join a ragtag band of mercenaries, which only incurs the Queen's wrath further. To end the feud once and for all the Queen creates a poison from her prized golden apple tree. Seren's new family is thrown into a frenzied panic as Seren gets sicker and they race to find an antidote.


Re: I want to gush about my stories, feel free to do the same!

Great idea! I love the Snow White concept - I'm kind of a sucker for fairy-tale stuff.

Here's the story I'm writing!

Pinstripe: A Business Shonen


"The clothes make the man."

This isn’t just a saying in the world of Pinstripe Shonen. It’s a world where business attire grants its wearers incredible power. Only the wealthy can afford to buy the most powerful fashion statements from the mysterious Clothiers, and Nico is just a broke young man from Central City. But with the help of his friends and the gift of a one-of-a-kind Pinstripe shirt that grows in power over time, Nico is determined to defeat all of the Executives, rise through the ranks, and become the CEO: The Business King, the one who can make dreams come true!


I'm so proud of my work on Pinstripe. It's been a huge joy to work on, and so exciting to see my skills improve over time. It's an ongoing story which is rapidly approaching the climax of its second arc. I hope anyone who checks it out (by clicking on the cover above or the banner in my signature below) enjoys it! 

Re: I want to gush about my stories, feel free to do the same!

Fuck it why not?

The story I'm writing is Descent, an Urban-Sci-Fi-Fantasy work that focuses on a pair of twins trying to survive in a world that seems to be out for them. This story is one where I've been working on for years and finally pinned down after so long. It's planned to be a trilogy and isn't planned to be a straight out "hero Vs Villain" story, so stay tuned!

Anyways, I'm going to be busy soon, so I'll leave you all with the synopsis...


Arty and Eli live normal lives. They excel in their academics and are respected as leaders. They also hide their powers in order to live quiet lives, free from the politics that stick so closely to their family.

This freedom is shattered when they return to a home set ablaze. Their names are slandered in the street when they're accused of crimes they didn't commit.

Cold. Afraid. Alone.

Where are they to run, when men in black are hunting them down?

This is the story of a pair of twins, Arthur and Eliana Lane, as they make their Descent.

Re: I want to gush about my stories, feel free to do the same!

Law of Cultivation: acquire and retain resources.
To acquire resources: plunder and pillage.
To retain resources: Leave none Alive.

In Semeria, the war for cultivation resources is as old as time and as constant as the rising and of the sun. Even in the Abandoned Region, where the energy was so poor and polluted that one wouldn’t send their worst enemy there, had an endless conflict. Humans had been living in this nightmare made a reality, fighting over what anyone else on the continent would consider crumbs.

Enter Xasha, husband, father, patriarch, Genius, artificer, creationist, and leader of the Falling Stardust Trading Company learns the truth from remnant souls on a journey. Having learned they had been living like frogs in a well, humanity unites under Xasha’s rule and sets off. Determined to rise from their standing and one day rule the entire continent.

Xasha soon realizes their combined power was the weakest on the continent and to become stronger, they needed better resources. But all the lands had masters and all the resources had owners. He had to join the war, annex, plunder, pillage, and protect. Thus, the Laws of cultivation.

Link: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/46732/falling-stardust

Re: I want to gush about my stories, feel free to do the same!

Oh boy, this will surely help with the unexpected anxiety I get whenever I post.

Summary: Sixteen year old Marvin Perlie finds himself exposed to a world of wizards, monsters and more as he struggles to make peace with his own past, insecurities, and the friends and enemies in this new world.

Very basic concept, but I want to give the story and characters a unique flavor. I'm excited to share it with everyone willing to read it. It starts out as a pretty small scale story, but I have ideas that make it a world spanning adventure, with conspiracies and plans stretching back hundrerds of years. All of that is in the future though as for now I'm just enjoying writing these characters and the relatively simple story that is them rescuing a long lost friend. I enjoy writing the main character Marvin be baffled and steadily get used to the magic and mythical creatures of the world while also trying to fit in. I also very much like writing everyone in the story, no matter how minor. They each have unique voices in my head and I hope that comes accross. But I also enjoyed planning out the basic structure and thinking about how certain scenes are going to play out. Also the reason the title is what it is will become apparent in chapters much later, but it's the thing I thought of first, and built this world around.

Yeah I rambled way too much, didn't I?

Re: I want to gush about my stories, feel free to do the same!

This looks like fun, so I'll do it with my story, Gadgeteer.

The general gist of my story is that it's my spin on the classic "world of superheroes" trope. It centers around Shindo East, the titular Gadgeteer, as he is forced to make a choice he can't deny after a blunder in a hostage situation. The unlucky guy is forced to become a hero and to adapt to a new world of sorts, and that's the main focus of his storyline. Nevertheless, not everything is as it seems because every character in this story has some inner anger to hide, specially Shindo. In short, this story is his struggle to rise as a hero while he combats his own inner demons.

Appart from that blurb, this story is also a love letter to things I like in the superhero action genre: The characters. I write each character to show this world, to give my readers a feel for what I love about superheroes and their medium. I take lengths to make each character feel human, trying to ground them into this world with all their imperfect selves. For example, if where to describe Shindo East as a character I would say he is a lot of things: From a hard worker and loyal friend, to a co
cky bastard who tends to manipulate people into anger, to a troubled soul that is haunted by his past and his "condition". This is what I want to do with my characters. I want to make them humans first before being heroes or villains. 
While it's true that Gadgeteer is a character driven superhero story, there is another layer to the story:All of my characters are struggling with different types of anger. There's the loyal but emotionaly-driven cat hero who is labelled as a hero killer. There's the low ranking heroine who is a cold woman with a heart of gold, but was betrayed by those she trusted in the moment she most needed friends. There's the old gadgetmaker who recently lost a friend for his inability to overcome his fear, hating himself for that. Almost all important characters in my story has a fight with themselves, and sadly, some characters have already lost themselves to that madening anger. And in the middle of all of this is Shindo East. He is the closest character to anger, as he was once consumed by anger and spite. Things he has come to regret, leaving him an empty shell with no purpose. This is his journey to see what he'll become when he isn't tethered by anger and when he is surrounded with new people who are on their way to suffer a similar fate to hiself.

I got a bit excited, but thanks for letting me gush about my story! 

Re: I want to gush about my stories, feel free to do the same!

Why not, I want to gush about them in a way so I can get my love out there.

Tower of Redemption: The awful, awful story that I thought up as a ten year old now has a better coat of paint with my new gained knowledge on story structure as well as love of large and epic tales. Probably my most brutal story since I have it more tailored to an adult demagraphic and my love of brutal and intense fights. One of my characters gets to have his intestines meet the outside due to a person with knuckledusters and spikes on each knuckle pummeling him in the gut. However, I don't aim this to be an edgy story, rather just one with pseudo realistic injuries and fights(although they get more and more outlandish as it goes on). It's a story about humanity and I won't say what aspect cause it'll practically ruin the entire story as a whole if I just go ahead and give it out.

Magicians Land: This story is what I would call my magnum opus. Although it may seem like from the first chapter its meant to be a YA series, trust me it aint. Crap goes down and not in a good way, I don't know if theres a good way for crap to go down but you get my point. I've been planning this series for 6 years and its my most developed story yet. I have so much planned and I don't know if I can type any longer before I accidentally spoil anything. One thing I will say though, keep in mind of certain details I add in. You never know when it'll show up again, especially in a scene that reshapes a characters entire understanding of the world and how harsh and brutal the gods can be.

I'mma stop typing before I accidently spoil anything.