Who can your character beat in a fight and why?

Pick any character from your fiction and then select a powerful, well-known character in fiction or perhaps real-life deities like Chuck Norris (I don't care who you created. You don't have someone stronger than him; GTFO).

And then proceed to explain why your character would win and piss readers (fans of the character) off in the process. Okay, go!

Re: Who can your character beat in a fight and why?

Hmm…difficult to say. Mine was designed to be the best. Nine stages towards ruin.

Calm, Mild, Agitation, Annoyance, Anger, Enragement, Tyrant’s Awakening, Pride, Iconoclast.

From Calm to Annoyance, there is a better chance. However, over the countless years, they have learned to turn their suffering into power. From Anger to Enragement, that chance begins closing quickly. When they enter into Tyrant’s Awakening phase, their power becomes unscalable. This builds up towards Pride, where they will devour any attack coming their way. To be fair, they will devour anything, and use it against their opponent. They enter into a berserker state from the Tyrant’s Awakening stage, having limitless energy. Meaning, the only way to win is to overpower them. Which is next to impossible, since they continuously grow stronger through battle. Anyway, once their emotions rises to a certain point, they enter into their final state, Iconoclast. This is where their hatred will build to its peak for a devastating finish, where none will escape their wrath. 

Their line was carefully chosen for this state as well, since none has ever survived. Though, it is not often they enter into this state, and opponents usually fall by Enragement. They constantly rise to the challenge, driven on their selfish desires. 

The nine stages were put into place more as a balancing, but turned out to be a pretty good progression phase. However, these states are impossible to directly identify, and left up to allusions. There was only one short story I did, that I was able to directly identify the phases, but main story wise? Nope, that would break the immersion. The way it was tracked was from specifically the emotional state of the character, as it nears the end of the story, it becomes stronger. To add on, when they devour their enemies, they also assimilate their power as their own.

So the answer to your question? Just choose someone, they’d lose. 😂

Yeah, Val was probably on some kinda crack when he wrote this one. 🤨

Fun Fact:

First and Final book.

They enter into the state of Iconoclast four times out of the entire series. There are three books, so naturally, second book is when they couldn’t access it yet.

First book, from chapter 5, readers are shown the state of Iconoclast. However, at a smaller scale. This point onward, the count down to ruin technically begins. The next time is in the finale, where they completely awaken.

Final book.

Chapter 8, this is a bit higher. The count down to ruin begins here. The next time it happens, is in the finale, which it is on a devastatingly larger scale. 

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Does the fact that I can't think of an answer say more about the media I watch or what I think of my characters? Realistically, they're all capable fighters, one of them has a magic sword, another just has actual magic. Also, they have a big wolf friend. But if I had to quantify a power level for them, I'd say at best they're on part with a level 5 D&D party, meanwhile, all the characters I can think of right now are from things like FFXIV, so... That bodes poorly.

Re: Who can your character beat in a fight and why?

Assuming they all work together and he's alone, my MCs could probably subdue Voldemort. Though I think that's less because they're better than him in any way than it is because there's no melee in Harry Potter - I doubt JKR would ever write a scene where the bad guy gets bashed over the head with a folding chair because he was too busy monologuing to pay attention.

That being said, if the rules of engagement were strictly magic only... that comes down to who the quicker draw is. The Bad Girls would probably lose a member, but only one, because Hester is twitchy and Voldemort is not explosion-proof, even if that death wouldn't necessarily stick.

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Crusixblade Wrote: In a standard fight? Majority of characters he probably couldn't outright defeat...

DrakanFascinating The main thing is Alexander just won't stay dead...so I guess it's a matter of time and will power.

This applies to mine too to an extent. She won't be able to beat most, might not even do a damn thing to some, but in reverse, most won't be able to beat her either.

The issues when your survivability is obscene but your offense is totally normal...

Re: Who can your character beat in a fight and why?

My main character could probably kill any living animal on earth at the moment one on one (with the exception of things like whales and microscopic stuff because of size differences). By the time the story ends he should be able to destroy things like mountains, cities, and other similarly sized things in one move without breaking a sweat.
I would like to make it clear though that people on my character's level of power are usually judged by how much they can destroy, smaller things like feints and combat styles often get drowned out by their pure destructive power.