How to Get Those Cover Artist Badges?

I did some free cover art for other authors on RR recently!

- This is a dog litRPG and isn't the cover cool? *wink wink*
(Obviously I recommend this story because I think it's awesome enough to be worth making a cover for.)
- The other cover that I made, I don't know if the author actually wants to use it or not yet, but I did design a piece of art for their story and made substantial changes according to their requests and all that. (Does that count as a cover made because I did make it, or no, because the author might not actually want to use it?)

Anyway, I was wondering what's the way to get the cover artist achievements? Since they exist and I did the thing, I kind of want the badge to show for it. (I'm a sucker for gamification which I think that RR did a good job with on their site, especially being a niche for litRPG and all.)

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The cover is actually really cool!

I know gej302 was beasting the cover making game and had a few threads to show for it. Might be worth perusing and then reaching out to them?

Random Covers I've made (several even got used!) | Royal Road
Just over 1/3 of the way to Diamond Artist... | Royal Road
Starting my second 100 ACCEPTED covers! | Royal Road
Royal Road's First DIAMOND artist.... | Royal Road

Good luck on your quest!

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All you need to know about this: 

The art achievements are given manually by the staff. Someone needs to bring it to our attention, usually in a support ticket. 

The achievements are as follow: 

 RequirementExp Gained
Bronze1 Coverart400

*This assumes that the artwork was done for free and is actually used on Royal Road.
*When you receive a new badge, you get to keep the older one as well (to keep the Exp). 

For quality control, we don't judge the art ourselves. We let the authors do. If they use the artwork, that counts as one point (up until the Platinum achievement).
For the Diamond achievement, we will consider rejected artwork, as long as it is a minority. And their quality will be judged by the staff(we want you to get the achievement).
Integrity rule: Don't use artwork that violates copyrights. If this is found in violation, there will be disciplinary actions. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Re: How to Get Those Cover Artist Badges?

EnhancedBeing Wrote: You'll have to make a thread/gallery so you can showcase what you've done and entice more people in.
I will definitely do that sometime soon-ish. I've been thinking about doing it for a long time actually, just been nervous about my design skills. Just doing a couple of covers for people really helped my confidence so I will probably put together a portfolio and a thread soon! Thanks for all of the positivity!